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Home Gossip Know About Political Commentator Dana Perino's Husband Peter McMahon's Career and Net Worth

Know About Political Commentator Dana Perino's Husband Peter McMahon's Career and Net Worth

Kurt Sun Jun, 2018
Know About Political Commentator Dana Perino's Husband Peter McMahon's Career and Net Worth

You may all be familiar with Dana Perino, the former White House press secretary and currently a political commentator for Fox News but a very few of us know about her husband Peter McMahon. Peter is the husband of this successful political commentator and is successful in his own right.

We shall provide you with details of her husband and how successful he is. In fact, we will discuss in detail about his professional accomplishments, net worth, and salary.

Who Is Peter McMahon? A Detail on His Career

Peter is a 64-year-old businessman from Blackpool, United Kingdom. He is a graduate of the University of Liverpool and has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Mangement.

In the past, Peter worked as supply chain director for Central Europe in Tesco Company and supply chain director for Germany. He later got a senior position as the chief operating officer at Loblaw's, which is a big company in Canada whose sales revenue is in the billions.

He was hired by the company Shopko in 2013 and since then has become the Chief Executive officer of the company.

CAPTION: Peter With His Dog Jasper
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Peter got married to Dana Perino in 1998, and he got into the limelight following his marriage to her. Peter has years of experience in the business and is an expert in supply chain management, information technology, labor relations, merchandising and human resources management.

Well, with such an array of knowledge, one is sure to amass some fortune as well. So, how successful is he in terms of net worth?

Net Worth Of the CEO, Peter McMahon

Peter is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who has earned a huge net worth through his business. He is the CEO of Shopko whose revenue is in billions, and he has been a part of Lowblaw which also has billion dollars revenue.

His Salary as a high profile person in these billion dollars companies is sure to have earned him between 6 to 7 figures.

CAPTION: Peter McMahon Businessman and Entrepreneur
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He is estimated to have the net worth in the millions, but his exact net worth cannot be ascertained. However, we are hopeful that the CEO will talk about his net worth and income in the days to come.

About Peter and Dana's relationship

Peter Met his future wife Dana Perino in 1997 while on a flight to Chicago. Dana had doubts about being in a relationship with a man who was 18 years older than her at the beginning.

However, she could not help but fall for him and eventually married him in 1998. At present, the couple resides in Manhattan along with their dog Jasper, which is a Vizsla breed.

Peter was a divorcee from two marriages prior to his marriage to Dana, and he has children from his previous marriage as well. Peter not only has children but is a grandfather as he has grandchildren as well.

He lives a happy life with his wife and there are no signs of upcoming divorce with Dana on the horizon. We hope that the couple can spend rest of their lives in happiness.