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Home Gossip American TV Personality Drew Carey's Earning From his Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved

American TV Personality Drew Carey's Earning From his Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved

Chandra Rana Tue Oct, 2018
American TV Personality Drew Carey's Earning From his Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved

Drew Carey, an American American actor, comedian, sports executive, and game show host currently hosts the game show The Price Is Right since 2007 on CBS. Along with the popularity with his own sitcom, The Drew Carey Show, his 60-year-old Drew Carey has also amassed a huge million dollar fortune.

Currently, Drew Carey is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $165 million. With his huge earnings, Carey also owns impressive property empire including his houses and cars. Want to know more about his net worth, earnings, and career? Scroll down.

Net Worth and Earnings of Drew Carey

Having previously worked in the U.S. Marine Corps, Drew Carey transited from a stand-up comedian to a show host. The James Ford Rhodes High School graduate, Drew currently earns around $750,000 per episode from hosting the game show The Price Is Right.

As reported, Drew Carey makes around $8 million per annum. Though his earnings are not as much as of the 2016's highest-paid game host Dr. Phil McGraw with $88 million (pretax); the second and third position accompanied by Ellen DeGeneres ($75 million) and American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest ($55 million) respectively.

Also, Drew Carey made millions while working as a host for The Drew Carey Show, and the U.S. version of the improv comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway? 

CAPTION: Drew Carey SOURCE: Impacting Our Future

Reportedly, in 1995, Drew Carey earned $30,000 per episode from The Drew Carey Show on its first season which was renegotiated for $300,000.

In 2001, Carey's salary from The Drew Cary Show was $750,000 per episode. His annual earning of 2008 was $12 million.

As of 2018, Drew Carey is estimated to be enjoying the net worth of $165 million and is living a blissful life with his fiance Amie Harwick with whom he got engaged in January 2018. He also has a son named Connor with former fiance Nicole Jaracz.

Drew Carey's House and Cars

Currently, Drew Carey and his fiance Amie divide their time between their house in Los Angeles and New York. Though, the details on the purchase value and date of these houses are yet to be disclosed. It is alleged that both houses are worth millions.

The house in Los Angeles was formerly owned by the actress Molly Ringwald.

Also, Drew Carey owns another house in Cleveland, Ohio which he bought with his first paycheck from The Drew Carey Show in 1995.

CAPTION: Drew Carey's house in Cleveland SOURCE: Virtual Globetrotting

Talking about cars, Drew Carey seems to be fond of Porsche and is frequently seen with his $80,000 worth black car. Also, Carey also owns a private jet which he flashed in 2012 as he shared a photo with Kelley Whilden in his private jet.

CAPTION: Drew Carey and his black Porsche SOURCE: Zimbio

Well, it's not a big deal for a multi-millionaire to have an impressive property empire, but it seems Drew Carey has kept the curtains over his further property details for now. 

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Let's hope the details will be out soon.

Drew Carey's Philanthropy

Apart from the huge success and flooding money, Drew Carey has not lagged himself from the charity and humanitarian works. Back on May 2, 2000, Carey won $500,000 in a celebrity edition of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and selected Ohio Library Foundation to receive his cash prize.

Also in 2003, Carey competed against five other celebrities in the first celebrity edition of the 2003 World Poker Tour and placed 5th beating only Jack Black and won $2,000 for his charity.

CAPTION: Drew Carey on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire SOURCE: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Well, the way of Drew Carey's donation is quite different.

Drew offered to donate up to $100,000 (in $10,000 increments) to the Mooch Myernick Memorial Fund if anybody could beat him at the video game FIFA Soccer 07 in June 2007. Later, he ended up losing to 5 players from both the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams and donated $100,000, plus $60,000 for losing 2 games out of the 6 games.

In October 2009, Drew Carey made a bid of $25,000 in a charity auction for the @drew Twitter account later the offer increased to $100,000

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The way is different, but the heart is kind as it was always.

Stay tuned for more.