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Home Gossip American Music Personality T-Pain's Net Worth: His Songs, Albums & Success as a Singer

American Music Personality T-Pain's Net Worth: His Songs, Albums & Success as a Singer

Blueprince Fri Jan, 2019
American Music Personality T-Pain's Net Worth: His Songs, Albums & Success as a Singer

Faheem Rashad Najm, or simply T-Pain, is an American Music personality who is best known for being an auto-tune rapper. T-Pain is best known for his songs like I'm Sprung, Buy U a Drank, Bartender and many more. Currently 33 years of age, the American music personality is married to wife Amber Najm.

So far in his career, T-pain has released a string of hit singles and a total of five studio albums, which also include his 2017 album Oblivion. As a result of his current achievements, the American musician has been able to achieve a huge net worth for himself. The article below deals with his overall wealth and his career.

T-Pain's net worth: $35 million

American musician personality T-Pain has accumulated a huge net worth of $35 million, as of 2019. He is a renowned rapper, singer, songwriter and a music producer and has gathered such a massive wealth for himself. 

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Also, T-Pain is the founder and the CEO of Nappy Boy Records, which has helped him earn a lucrative sum of money. Famous rappers like Travie McCoy, Lil Westside, Sixxmann, and Young Cash are signed to this record label.

T-Pain's house and cars

He owns a house in Duluth, Georgia Winfield, which has a current value of $1.32 million. The house is accommodated with five bedrooms and bathrooms. The property is spread over 5,962 sq feet and also has an indoor swimming pool.

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The American musical personality is a huge car enthusiast and has a wide variety of luxury cars. He owns a Bugatti Veyron whose price ranges from $1.7 million-$3 million, 2 Rolls Royce whose individual price is $400,000, a convertible Mini Cooper that has a starting price of $26,000, a Chevrolet SUV, a vintage Chevy an many more.

His exquisite properties, Luxury cars, and other combined assets make her overall net worth at $35 million.

T-Pain Earnings

The American musician has released a total of five albums. T-Pain's debut 2005 album Rappa Ternt Sanga was certified Gold by RIAA and sold about 500,000 units. The album collected $500,000 from its sales.

His second album Epiphany was released in 2007 and reached number 1 on the billboard in its first week, selling over 171,000 records. The album has sold over 819,000 units in the United States and earned around $507,000.

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T-Pain's 2008 album titled Thr33 Ringz sold about 168,000 units in its opening week and reached no#4 in Billboard 200. The album has been certified Gold and earned worth around $500,000.

After his third album, the American musician personality took a break from his career and later released his album in the year 2011, titled Revolver. The album sold over 110,076 records and made around $120,000.

T-Pain's fifth album Oblivion was released in the year 2017. Although the rapper has not disclosed the earnings of the album, it was quite well received by critics. The earnings from the sales of T-Pain's are all part of his current net worth.

T-Pain's career and songs

The American musical personality had developed a liking for music since an early age. A family friend, producer Ben Tankard, introduced T-pain to a recording studio, where he let him twist the knobs of the turntables.

He then joined rap group Nappy Heads, where he remixed the Locked Up version of Akon into I'm Fucked Up. Akon heard the track and quickly signed him to his Konvict Muzik.

Since the signing with Akon's record label, T-Pain has released a total of five studio albums, which have had good earnings worldwide.

During the course of his career, the American singer has also worked with many other prominent musical personalities like Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Young Joc, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Wiz Khalifa and many more.

T-Pain songs

Over the years, the American musician has released several hit singles. Some of T-Pain's hit songs are enlisted below:

  • I'm Sprung
  • Bartender
  • Buy U a Drank
  • Low
  • 5 O'Clock

The future is still bright for the rapper and is sure to hit the studios again to release other hit albums and hit songs, which is likely to increase his current net worth furthermore.

Quick Facts about T-Pain:

What is the current net worth of American musical personality, T-Pain?

T-Pain has an estimated net worth of $35 million.

Where is T-Pain's house located?

T-Pain currently resides with his wife Amber Najm and kids in Duluth, Georgia.

What were the estimated earnings of T-Pain's debut album?

T-Pain's debut album Rappa Ternt Sanga earned $500,000 and sold over 500,000 units.

What is T-Pain full name?

T-Pain's full name is Faheem Rashad Najm.