American Model, Blac Chyna Sued for $48,000 for Not Paying Rent

Updated On 17 Apr, 2019 Published On

The former exotic dancer, Blac Chyna is being sued for $48,000, according to a report by TMZ on Tuesday, for unpaid rents of five months and damages to the property. 

Blac Chyna's landlord filed a lawsuit against the American model for allegedly bailing on her lease 5 months early, and for not paying a single penny for the rented property.


CAPTION: American Model, Blac Chyna Sued for $48,000 for Not Paying Rent



Chyna got sued by her landlord for a home she rented in Studio City, CA since April 2017.

In the lawsuit, the landlord says Chyna's lease called her to be in the property through March 2019, but for some uncertain reasons, she upped and moved back in November 2018.

Chyna - whose real name is Angela White - left the rental property in Studio City, California, with five months before dateline of the lease and didn't pay the remainder of her rent.

According to the lawsuit, Chyna owes $55,546 (5 months of rent). The landlord deducted her $25k deposit but added $18k in damages.

The owner claims she removed fixtures and equipment from the property.

Blac Chyna is $48,546 in debt according to the documents received by TMZ.

The landlord is suing her for all the amount plus interest and attorney's fees.