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Home Gossip American Lawyer And Author Mark Levin Divorce Rumors With Wife Kendall Levin; His Relationship Status?

American Lawyer And Author Mark Levin Divorce Rumors With Wife Kendall Levin; His Relationship Status?

Monika Mon Apr, 2016
American Lawyer And Author Mark Levin Divorce Rumors With Wife Kendall Levin; His Relationship Status?

Mark Levin, an American lawyer, author, and radio personality is famed as the host of the syndicated radio show The Mark Levin Show and Life, Liberty & Levin on Fox News. Alongside his professional career, Levin is also in the curiosity circle of her divorce rumors with wife Kendall Levin.  

The avid supporter of the Ted Cruz presidential campaign, Mark Levin's divorce issue is proved to be true as he is now again married to wife Julie Prince. The president of the Landmark Legal Foundation is the father of 2 children. Scroll down to know more about Mark Levin's married life, affairs, and relationship.

Mark Levin and Kendal Levein: Married Life, Divorce, and Children

Mark is very secretive when it comes to his relationships. The Editor in Chief of the Conservative Review has managed to attract the attention of a huge number of fans around the world through the skills. He has portrayed by being in the administration of President Ronald Raegan.

Well, Levin was married to wife Kendall Levin for a long time, allegedly in the late 1980s. The couple has kept their relationship and dating details undercover.

Mark Levin

Mark Levin  Source: Daily Beast

As reported, Kendall is a prominent actress and television personality known for her work in a short American drama Just Being Me-A-PSA. Besides, she served as a volunteer at the humane society and a homeless shelter.

With the emerging divorce rumors of Mark and Kendall's overtime, the issue smashed the internet after Levin opened up about his fiancee in January 2016 during his radio show.

Well, Mark has denied disclosing his divorce details, keeping it in the mystery box.

As for a fact, the former duos have 2 children together; a daughter named Lauren Levin and a son named Chase Levin. The couple welcomed their daughter Lauren in 1988 followed by birth of Chase in 1991.

CAPTION: Mark Levin's son Chase Levin

SOURCE: Facebook

Both the children are now grown-ups, though their current profession is in the shadows till date.

Mark Levin's Second Marriage: Julie Prince

In 2016, Mark introduced his fiancee and moving on to late 2017, his fiance turned to the wife and her identity was revealed as Julie Prince. Mark Levin is reportedly married for the second time, however, he has kept the bar over the wedding details. 

Allegedly, the couple is married in between 2016 to mid- 2017. In May 2017, Mark shared a post on his Facebook account revealing Julie as his wife.

It is reported that the son of Julie from her past affair is a full-time staff for Senator Ted Cruz.

A personal story about Levin surfaced and he was not happy with the leak. He explained on his radio program that someone associated with GOP campaign tried to intimidate him just became his fiancee's son works Ted Cruz's office.

Thereafter the 'news', he became engaged to a woman whose son happens to work on Capitol Hill in the office of Ted Cruz, splashed on the web.

Quick facts about Mark Levin:

Who is Mark Levin's ex-wife?

Mark Levin's ex-wife is Kendall Levin.

How many children do Mark Levin and Kendall Levin have?

Mark Levin and Kendall Levin have two kids; Chase Levin and Lauren Levin.

Who is Mark Levin's second wife?

Mark Levin's second wife is Julie Prince.

When was Mark Levin born?

Mark was born on September 21, 1957.

How much is Mark Levin's net worth?

He has a net worth of $5 million.