American journalist Trace Gallagher married or not? Know about his children

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Trace Gallagher well-known for his journalism work is an American journalist who is married to Tracy Holmes Gallagher with two children. He has kept his personal details about marriage and children private. His fans want to know more about him and his daily life.He is one of the many other journalists who likes to live a private life. But we have managed to collect his personal life moments and provide more information related to his personal life.

Trace Gallagher Married life with Tracy Holmes Gallagher

Trace has a beautiful and charming wife but he has kept his personal life private. He has shared couples of photos on the social media which we have made available below. Moreover, he has also kept past affairs and dating private. 

Even though he worked with numerous female employee in the news channel, he has never been caught or linked by any dating rumors with the employee. He looks to be a loving and caring husband. 


Trace Gallagher and his wife Tracy Holmes Gallagher



The Picture of Trace and his wife was clicked on Vegas. Hope they had a great time together. In fact, the smiling faces prove that they really had a fantastic time.

Trace Gallagher and Tracy Holmes-Gallagher Children

Trace who have covered several special reports in his career is blessed with two cute daughters name Lila and Evy of 9 years. In fact, the family also includes a pet dog Jack which is a good friend of Lila and Evy. Trace is a caring father and he knows how to make his children happy and knows what they enjoy the most during their holidays.

Classic moments to be remembered on the Deer Vally. The image capture the moment of Trace and his family spent on the Deer Vally. 



Trace Gallagher Special reports in his career

Currently engaged in Fox News Channel Gallagher has served several news channels. some of his  latest reports that broke the headlines of news channels are the shooting on Capitol Hill, the George Zimmerman murder trial, frightening Asiana flight 214 crash at San Francisco Airport, the Washington Navy Yard Shooting, the Newton school and Aurora theater bombing & shooting by Boston Marathon and the sexual harassment charge against Bob Filner.

Trace Gallagher being a reporter is fond of reading the books which he wrote in his social media. But these days does not seems spending times on the social media as he has not updated his social feeds. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, California, U.S with his family.

Currently, he lives in Los Angeles, California, U.S with his family. Hope the whole family lives happily forever.