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Home Gossip American Hip-Hop Artist Fat Trel Proud Father of Two Sons: Who is his Wife?

American Hip-Hop Artist Fat Trel Proud Father of Two Sons: Who is his Wife?

Chandra Rana Tue Jan, 2018
American Hip-Hop Artist Fat Trel Proud Father of Two Sons: Who is his Wife?

American Hip-Hop artist Fat Treal, born Martel Reeves, is best known for his mixtape Youngest Runnin Da City Vol. 1 and No Secrets released in 2010. The 27-year-old artist was born in Washington D.C. and became professional in 2010. He is currently signed with Rick Ross's label Maybach Music Group and Atlantic Records.

Treal seems inactive in the professional career since 2016. The unmarried father of two sons and a daughter, who faced the death of the mother of one of his children as well as a good friend, seems to have been taken aback by the two tragedies. 

Let's know all about Fat Trel's relationship, his marriage, and children in this section.

Does Hip-Hop artist Fat Trel have a Wife? 

Fat Trel, aka Martrel Reeves, is unmarried. Even though the American artist has got a lot of fame and is estimated to be enjoying a net worth of $1 million, he has not spoken of his relationship openly.

Rather, he has tweeted saying that he is unmarried and has no intention of getting married either.

Really! Back on August 19, 2011, Fat Trel had announced the list of the girls he wants to marry. Have a look.

But, it never became official. Well, they are not the only girl he wants to settle with. Back on May 12, 2015, he said that he wants to marry Cardi B before he dies. Have a look.

No news of Cardi B dating Fat Trel has risen till date. Cardi Band got engaged to her boyfriend, rapper Offset, on October 27, 2017. 

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Though his dreams remain unfulfilled, Fat Trel seems to be enjoying his life to the fullest and has not shown any signs of his commitment to marriage. He has got a girlfriend, but her identity is yet to be revealed.

However, he is the father of 2 sons, Brix Milliano Vargas Reeves and Harlem Reeves, and a daughter, Charity. Let's know more about them.

Fat Trel gets Emotional on the Death of his Children's Mother

As we have said, Fat Trel is an unmarried father. But that does not mean he is not responsible towards his children. He is yet to reveal when exactly his two kids were born, but it does not stop him from showing his proudness being a father.

He even shared a photo of his son, Harlem, with a baby girl named Charity, who he claims to be his daughter.

Well, the carefree Fat Trel aka Martrel Reeves was seen emotional back in 2014, after he shared the news of the death of one of his children's mother in an interview with MTV.

Well, if some of you are thinking that Fat Trel's current girlfriend is also a mother of one of his children, you are dead wrong. The Instagram freak has hinted that they both are different persons.Fat Trel gets a Tattoo in Memory of his Dead Friend 

Fat Trel and Fredo Santana had been friends and collaborators for several years. But after the death of Fredo, on Jan 19, 2018, Fat Trel was heartbroken and decided to get a tattoo of his friend on his leg.

Losing a loved one hurts. Hope that he will recover from the trauma soon and start his life all over again.