Former Arms Dealer David Packouz's Relationship With Daughter Amabelle Jane; Is He Married? Past Affairs & Girlfriend

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When it comes to arms and ammunitions dealing, David Packouch is a name that is hard to miss. He is among a few arms dealers in the American history who along with his friend, Efraim Diveroli, has pulled off a number of Arms deal that is seemingly impossible for a person his age. It was when he was just 23 that he joined Diveroli's arms company AEY Inc. Besides, he is also an entrepreneur, musician, and inventor.

Well, that is all his professional aspects of life. Apart from all these, he is a person who leads a proper family and has a soft corner for his daughter Amabella Jane. However, there are a few confusions when it comes to the mother to his child. Here, we are going to find out if his wife and the details of his love life.

David Packouz's Family: Marriage, And Daughter

As we have already mentioned, David, apart from being a convicted arms dealer, is a family man. Although he started as a criminal initially, he has eventually evolved into a better person. 

Is David Packouz Married?

This might be one of the most difficult questions to answer about the 36 years old David. In fact, it has been the most unspoken about from David as well. 

Although he has not directly spoken if he is married, there are a few sources that claim him to being married. In fact, there is also a picture of who is said to be his wife when pregnant.

CAPTION: David Packouz's Pregnant wife SOURCE:

Having said this, there is no official claim about the lady in the above picture being his wife. Let's now talk about his daughter.

David Has a Daughter, Amabella Jane; Who Is Her Mother?

Like we have already said, David is a father to a child, Amabella Jane. She was born in 2007 and is currently 11 years old. 

It might sound unusual to hear about a convicted felon like David, but he is pretty much in love with his daughter. In fact, the father even made a post on his Twitter stating his daughter's excitement on seeing the snow for the first time.

But what about the mother to her child? Well, here again, there is very little or no information available on the mother of Amabella. However, if the movie based on the life of David, War Dogs, is to be believed, the mother to the child is his girlfriend Iz. 

But the fictional girlfriend has not been confirmed by David to be his real-life girlfriend. 

No doubt the father and daughter share a strong bond.

David Packouz's Girlfriend, Past Affairs

David's larger than life has also been made into a film named War Dogs. While in real life, there are no mentions of him dating anyone, the movie shows him hanging out with a few.

There has also been a character named Iz who is claimed to be his girlfriend. However, David has not spoken up on the matter so far. Neither, he has mentioned if Iz was his girlfriend in real life.

We hope David opens up about his personal life at some point in his life.