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Home Gossip American Footballer Michael Oher's Salary and Net Worth He has Managed From his Football Career

American Footballer Michael Oher's Salary and Net Worth He has Managed From his Football Career

Blueprince Thu Sep, 2018
American Footballer Michael Oher's Salary and Net Worth He has Managed From his Football Career

Michael Jerome Oher Williams Jr. or simply Michael Oher is an American footballer who started his football career playing for the University of Mississipi. After his release from the Carolina Panthers in 2017, due to a failed physical test, he is currently a free agent and hasn't signed any contracts with any clubs.

The Amercian footballer is currently 32 years of age and has already represented big clubs in his football career, who have offered him a generous salary, owing to which he has managed his current net worth.

Michael Oher's Net Worth: $15 million

Michael Oher has an estimated net worth of $15 million, according to reviews in 2018. Seems like the footballer lost $5 million after being laid off in 2017, during which his net worth was around $20 million

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CAPTION: American footballer Michael Oher
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He owns a house in Brentwood, Tennessee which he bought in 2014. The value of his six-bedroom house is about $1,300,000 which is also part of his net worth.

Contracts and Bonuses

Michael signed a debut contract worth $13,400,000 in 2009, with the Baltimore Ravens. That same year he received a roster bonus of $942,000 from the Ravens. In 2010 he received an incentive of $1,800,000, and an optional bonus of $4,600,000 from his club.

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After his tenure in Baltimore Ravens, Michael Oher signed another deal of $20,000,000  with Tennessee Titans in 2014 and was offered a signing bonus of $4,000,000.

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Following his departure from the Titans, the Amercian footballer signed a two-year contract with Carolina Panthers in 2015. He was offered a deal of $7,000,000, a roster bonus of $171,000$2,500,000 as his signing bonus and a workout bonus of $150,000 by the club.

CAPTION: American footballer Michael Oher in the Titans jersey
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Michael Oher then signed an extended contract of $21.6 million for three years in 2016 with his current team, from which he was guaranteed to receive at least $9.5 million.  


Through the years, Oher has received varied sums of money, from different clubs. The table below gives a brief insight into Oher's salary,  which is part of his current net worth:

Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens
Baltimore Ravens
Tennessee Titans
Tennessee Titans
Carolina Panthers

Michael Oher's Football Career

Oher started playing football since his college days, and played for the University of Mississippi, as a left tackle.

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In 2008, Michael was amongst the top players for the 2009 NFL Draft and was picked by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the Draft, as their 23rd pick. With the Ravens, he signed a five-year contract and was voted second in theAssociated Press' NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year Award, with a total of six votes.

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CAPTION: American footballer Michael Oher
SOURCE: Carolina blitz

The American footballer played for Tennessee Titans, where he had signed a four-year contract but was released early on February 5, 2015, due to his injuries.

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Michael Oher's last playoff was with the Carolina Panthers, where he played for almost two years until he got released on July 2017, after he failed the physical test. He is currently a free agent.