American/Austrian Model Marlene Knaus' Professional Life: Know About Her Net Worth At Present

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Marlene Knaus is an Austrian born former model currently based in the United States. She is best known as the ex-wife of former Formula One racer Niki Lauda who has an estimated net worth of $43 million.

She married Lauda back in 1976 after dating for a few years. However, their marriage was very short as they separated in 1991 and during their marital life, they also had two children. 

Leaving her personal life aside, here we are going to share some information about Knaus' career, net worth, and salary. 

Marlene Knaus Career as a Model

As you are already familiar by now, Knaus is a former model and even during the peak of her modeling career, she was not a very trending name which makes her one of the lesser known models of her days. 

Moreover, one of her biggest achievements as a model includes being known as a high-fashion model in it girl

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CAPTION: Marlene Knaus SOURCE: Pinterest

Fast forward to her marriage with Lauda, she gained massive fame and attention after it, which she never was able to gain as a model. She became a trending name in the media, thanks to Lauda, but she never let the fame get into her head.

Despite the fame and attention, she kept her life very confidential and still she does not prefer talking to the media. This might be the reason why there is not much information about her early life, career, and others. 

Marlene Knaus Net Worth and Salary

Lauda did not only have a big hand in making Knaus popular, but he also helped her lot financially. 

There are no exact figures of how much Knaus is worth but there are no doubts that her net worth is in million and it is also partially because of her ex-husband. After her divorce, Knaus took away millions from Lauda's $45 million net worth. 

CAPTION: Marlene Knaus with ex-husband Niki Lauda SOURCE: Hitberry

It can indeed be considered as her major source of income. Meanwhile, there are no details about her salary and earnings from her previous career as a model. 

Likewise, the details about the price and features of the mansion she lives in and the cars she drives are also unknown. 

Quick Facts

How old is Marlene Knaus?

As of 2019, she is 62 years of age.

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