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Home Gossip American actress Melissa McCarthy Married Ben Falcone in 2005, Know about their children

American actress Melissa McCarthy Married Ben Falcone in 2005, Know about their children

Jharna Prasai Tue Feb, 2017
American actress Melissa McCarthy Married Ben Falcone in 2005, Know about their children

An American stand-up comedian, Melissa Ann Mccarthy is a successful actress, fashion designer, writer and also a producer. She is married to the filmmaker Benjamin Scott "Ben" Falcone and has two beautiful daughters. The couple's daughters recently made their debut in the movie The Boss.

Melissa and Ben are married since 2005. Do you want to know more about the couple and their children? Read the full article to know all about their married life and children.

Melissa and her husband Ben are childhood friends

Melissa and Ben studied in the same college in Ben's hometown, Carbondale, Illinois. The couple were together in the college but were not too familiar with each other because Melissa was going through her goth phase.

Melissa and Ben officially met each other in 1998 at the Groundlings, LA, while they were taking an improv class together and immediately they got close to each other. After a year, their friendship was on the next level as they fell in love.

Melissa married her long-term boyfriend Ben in 2005 and gave birth to two daughters

Melissa and Ben dated each other for few years and finally decided to tie the knot. On 8th of October 2005, The couple married each other with all of their relatives, close friends, and celebrity friends. 

The couple is together from more than fifteen years and is married for twelve years. Ben has kept Melissa's nickname as The Mooch. He says 

You work on something so long, and those characters kind of become real people and you get attached

Melissa gave birth to her first daughter Vivian Falcone,9, on 5th December 2007. Three years after, they couple welcomed their second baby girl on 22 March 2010. They named their second daughter as Georgette Falcone.

Melissa and her family. From left; Georgette, Ben, Melissa and Vivian

Source: Daily Mail

SANDWICH scene from Bridesmaids: Not for Melissa daughters

Melissa has featured in plenty of movies, most include sex comedy. One of those movies is an American comedy movie Bridesmaids where she has done a part which is very funny but kinda dirty.

Video: Sandwich scene from Bridesmaid, Hunger Bear

When Melissa was asked about the scene and would she allow her daughters to watch the scene, she screamed and said,

'I think they would take my kids away if I let them'

Vivian and Georgette, the two adorable Falcone children's debut movie

The two sisters: Vivian and Georgette debuted on the movie The Boss.The Boss is an American comedy film directed by Ben Falcone which was released in 2016. There are five producers including Ben and Melissa. The other three are  Will Ferrel, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy. 

Melissa tweeted about  the release of the movie, The Boss,

The popularity of the movie makes us say that acting runs in the blood of Vivian and Georgette. Both the daughters and also Melissa herself are in the movie. Aint this perfect. A whole family together for a movie. Something to cherish the whole life.

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We wish the family all the very best for their future.