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Home Gossip Know affairs and rumors of American actress Gillian Jacobs. Is she a lesbian?

Know affairs and rumors of American actress Gillian Jacobs. Is she a lesbian?

Jharna Prasai Thu Jan, 2017
Know affairs and rumors of American actress Gillian Jacobs. Is she a lesbian?

The 34 years old, Gillian MacLaren Jacobs is a popular Hollywood actress from Pennsylvania, USA. Jacob started her career at the age of 8 as a child actress and is known for her role as Britta Perry in Community. She has given marvelous performances in dozens of movies, short movies, and TV series. The winner of TV Guide Award is currently working on her upcoming movies Lemon and Life of the Party.

It’s quite surprising to know that the fabulous actress, Gillian is rarely linked with anybody and she is not married yet. Millions of her fans are desperately waiting to know about her personal details. She is sometimes rumored to be a lesbian. But, what’s the truth? Is she a lesbian? Why is she not married yet? Stick with us, to know more about her personal life.

Gillians past affairs and relationship

Gillian is a successful American actress and is always open to discuss her professional life. However, she has not revealed her personal life with the media. She keeps on giving relationship advice to her fan followings, which gives us the hint about her secret relationship. Gillian's marvelous chemistry in each of her movies and series speaks about portraying her romance abilities but, what about her love-life? Though Gillian is said to be a single lady, her attitude and behavior clearly indicate her secret love affair.

Caption: Gillian Jacobs: In the promo of her movie, Life Partners.

Caption: Gillian Jacobs looks gorgeous in the promo of her movie, Life Partners.


Video: Gillian talks about her worst date. 

Gillian does not like to disclose anything about her affairs and she continues to follow this even in this video. In the entire video, she did not disclose her date's name.

Is Gillian in a lesbian relationship?

Recently, Gillian Jacobs posted a short video on her Instagram account with a fashion designer, Tanya Taylor. She mentioned,

"I love being her date, Tanya!!"

So, what does it mean? Maybe Gillian is a lover of Tanya (a lesbian) or maybe it was just for fun. Tanya is not married yet and there are no details about her boyfriends. So, we can only guess about their secret relationship but can't confirm it.


With @tanyataylor at the @cfda Awards. I love being your date, Tanya!!

A video posted by Gillian Jacobs (@gillianjacobs) on xxxxxx


There are millions of male fans who are eager to date Gillian and not only this, there are surely a number of girls who will love her if she turns out to be a lesbian. Hope, Gillian will soon clarify everybody about her sexual orientation and get involved in a relationship.

What do you think about her personal life? Want to bless Gillian for her successful future. Please, leave you comments below.