American Actor Scott Colomby Love Life: Who Is He Dating Currently?Know His Affairs And Relationship

American Actor Scott Colomby Love Life: Who Is He Dating Currently?Know His Affairs And Relationship

American actor Scott Colomby as a youth was the dream boy of every girl. There's no denial of the fact that Colomby was irresistible. From looks to physique, Colomby had everything that made women lurking over him. The other reason behind Colomby's huge lady fan base is that he kept his relationship private. Colomby dated a few women, but he barely let any information about his love life leak.

Only a few of Colomby's girlfriend's name is known. At present, Colomby is quite behind the curtains. There is no record of him having a wife which makes us believe that he never got married. If you are interested to get the details about his former lovers, keep reading:

Scott Colomby's relationship with actress Valerie Bertinelli

In 2008, actress Valerie Bertinelli released a book named 'Losing It: And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time' which became the New York Times #1 bestseller. In the book, she has mentioned about her love affair with Scot Colomby.

?Scott Colomby former lover Valeria Bertinelli

Scott Colomby former lover Valeria Bertinelli

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According to Bertinelli, she met Colomby on the set of Barabara Plus Two. She wrote that she fell for him at the first sight as he was only 24 years old back then, lean build, handsome with dark hair. They began dating soon after that.

Scott Colomby and Valeria Bertinelli's split

Bertinelli writes that their relationship was going well until she cheated him with a fellow actor. They parted ways for several times but got back together again. However, things didn’t remain the same between them as Colomby fell in love with actress Cindy Morgan. Colomby told  Bertinelli that he wants to see how things work with Morgan.

?Scott Colomby

Scott Colomby

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Well, this is how things went on between Bertinelli and Colomby. Just keep on reading.

Scott Colomby love life with Cindy Morgan

Colomby's love life with Cindy Morgan actually went well but their relationship couldn't exceed more than two years. After splitting with Bertinelli in 1980, Colomby dated Morgan until 1982.

?Scott Colomby with ex-girlfriend Cindy Morgan

Scott Colomby with ex Cindy Morgan

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They parted ways after breaking up.

Scott Colomby other affairs and career

Apart from Bertinelli and Morgan, Colomby is also said to be in an affair with Camille Grammer, an American Television Personality.

Scott Colomby talk to Dr. Susan Block at the Hollywood Show:

Well, from the 90s, Bertinelli career experienced downfall and so became his fan following. Nobody became really interested to know about him. Thus, there is a lack of detail about Bertinelli's love or married life.

?Scott Colomby

Scott Colomby

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We cannot be sure of Bertinelli's current relationship status but it seems like he never really married anyone. 

Well, in case he happens to be married, hope she reveals it in the media.

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