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Home Gossip Actor Bobby Lee's Married Relationship With Wife Khalyla? Controversies Surrounding Their Marriage

Actor Bobby Lee's Married Relationship With Wife Khalyla? Controversies Surrounding Their Marriage

Sabina Gartaula Thu Aug, 2018
Actor Bobby Lee's Married Relationship With Wife Khalyla? Controversies Surrounding Their Marriage

American actor and comedian Robert Young Lee Jr., a.ka. Bobby Lee, is currently married to his wife Khalyla, his long-time girlfriend. Even though they have been together for quite some time now, their relationship is still very controversial, and there are many accusations made towards Khalyla.

Controversies apart, born on 18th September 1971, Lee is currently 46-years-old and is best known for his roles in movies like The Dictator, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle etc., alongside actors like Sacha Baron CohenAnna Faris, Megan FoxKal PennJohn ChoNeil Patrick Harris, and many others. 

Here, we are going to share some details related to the actor cum comedian's marital life with wife Khalyla, their children, and their controversial marriage. 

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Bobby Lee's Marital Life With Wife Khalyla: How Many Children Do They Have?

Bobby Lee is currently married to his wife Khalyla. According to reports, the duo first starting talking online through dating app Tinder and cracked jokes with each other.

Over time, they got closer and started dating, but Lee never announced his new found love with Khalyla.


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But as rumors surfaced about their relationship and fans got impatient with Lee hiding this information, he finally revealed about his romantic involvement with Khalyla via Instagram. 

Following their years-long relationship, the duo tied the knot with each other in August of 2016. Their wedding took place in New York-based church. 

It has been two years since the tied the knot, but still, they do not have any children together. They also have not shared any of their plans about having children which are quite strange. 

The pair has a very stable and healthy marriage but they are often surrounded by controversies, and they are often questioned about their relationship. So, let's find out what the debate is. 

Khalyla Accused of Marrying Bobby Lee For Money

After Bobby Lee got married to his wife Khalyla in 2016, people started accusing her of marrying the star only for his wealth and fame. This went on for years until, in March of 2018, she finally decided to speak out of herself and handle the controversy. 

She went on to Twitter and shared that she did not marry him for money because before getting married, she was a self-sufficient woman and lived in a lovely beach house with a good job and good friends. 

Through the tweet, she defended that she was not married to Lee just for money. But fellow Twitter users were soon to point out her past.

One of the users shared that 11 years ago, she was in a relationship with a bartender who worked at SF Saloon and she did not have a sufficient life. 

Even though the controversy has not been resolved yet, Lee and Khalyla's marriage seem to be a rock and not budge. Hopefully, the pair sort this controversy soon as this has very high chances of ruining their marriage.