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Home Gossip American actor and rapper Bryshere Y. Gray: Know about his family life and parents

American actor and rapper Bryshere Y. Gray: Know about his family life and parents

Ashmita Karki Sun Feb, 2017
American actor and rapper Bryshere Y. Gray: Know about his family life and parents

American rapper Bryshere Y. Gray is most widely known as Yazz. Gray is a very talented guy who is not just a rapper but also an amazing actor who has also been nominated for an Image award. Gray gained much popularity from his series ‘Empire’ and 2017 BET miniseries ‘The New Edition Story’.

Gray’s family includes his single mother, ‘Donut’ Shannon Bryshere, who raised him with so much difficulty. Stay with us to know more about Gray and his family.

Bryshere Y. Gray is Jay-Z's son

At a young age of 16, Gray started working as a street performer to help his mother with their living expenses. Some time ago, there was no hint of Gray’s father, but recently claims that super hit rapper Jay-Z is Gray’s biological father according to DNA analysis and reports.

Image: Bryshere Y. Gray

Caption: Bryshere Y. Gray

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It didn’t surprise us to know that Gray is Jay-Z’s son as Jay-Z’s romance stories is not a secret. It is said that Gray’s mother Shannon Bryshere was one of Jay-Z’s former lover when he sold drugs to uplift his musical career.

The pair got detached when Shannon bore the blame of Jay-Z’s drug charge to prevent him from going to prison. However, she was already pregnant with Jay-z’s son by then.

Image: Bryshere Y. Gray with his mother

Caption: Bryshere Y. Gray with his mother

Source: Heavy

Jay-Z proud of Bryshere Y. Gray

When Jay-Z found out that Gray is his biological son, he confirmed it and said:

Yea that’s blue ivy’s big brother can’t you tell that’s my genes that gave him his skills. I’m proud of my son I might sign him to roc nation if it makes sense.

CAPTION: Bryshere Y. Gray and Jay-Z SOURCE: News Details

It seems like Jay-Z is happy and proud of Gray as well because he is not just talented but also a very hard working person. Jay-Z also claimed that Gray’s skills are because of his genes.

Bryshere Y. Gray a money saver

Gray’s career in ‘Empire’ not just gave him fame but also gave him a lot of wealth. However, he is not one of those who spend money on drinks and clubs. He is saving a large part of his income for his fund so that his mom and family can live with peace in the future.



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Besides, he also owns ‘You Are the Greatest’ which is Gray’s own charitable foundation. The organization helps high school students by providing them scholarships.

Gray’s life experience with his mother’s struggle has made him wise. That’s why he wants to work for those who are in seek of opportunity.

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Isn’t he so inspiring? Of course, he is. He is an inspiration to the youths who are wildly addicted to drugs and even those who think that there is no opportunity for them.

He is a living example of a person who has gained popularity and fame just by his skills and hard work. A big salute to you Gray and we hope you grow wise each day.