Amanda Woods and Danny O'Carroll Are Happily Married With Their Children, Know Their Love Story

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Amanda Woods and Danny O'Carroll are an American duo best known for the services on Mrs. Brown's Boys. Woods is an American actress and producer and her husband Danny is also a TV actor and producer who is also recognized as the son of Irish comedian Brendan O'Carroll

Woods' age and birth date are not known, but her husband was born on 16th October 1983 and is currently 34-years-old. 

Without any further ado, let's talk about the pair's marital life and children.

Amanda Woods and Danny O'Carroll's Marital Life and Children

Woods and O'Carroll got married to each other back on 20th July 2007; the same year Sharon Case and Sandy Corzine got married. But unlike Sandy and Sharon, who divorced in 2009, they are still together.

Well, although Amanda and Danny are happily together, there are little to no details about when the part first started dating but, they became parents before they even got married to each other. 

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Their first child, son Jamie was born on 25th July 2006, and he is currently 12-years-old. When Jamie was born, Woods was just 22-years-old which means that she was 23-years-old when she tied the knot with her husband Danny. 

Matter of fact, they got married to each other, just a year after the birth of their first child. 


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Following the birth of their first child and their wedding, they welcomed their second child, a son, Blake into the world. Blake was born in 2011 and is 7-years old currently. 

Are Amanda Woods and Danny O'Carroll Still Together?

As we mentioned above, Woods and O'Carroll got married to each other on 20th July 2007, and it has been more than 11 years since they first tied the knot.

Despite the fact that they have spent more than a decade of their life together as husband and wife, their marriage is still very healthy. There are no rumors about them splitting or getting a divorce which is fabulous. 


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Moreover, taking a closer look at Danny's Instagram, the pair seems to love to spend as much time together as possible. His Instagram is filled with pictures of himself and his wife having a good time. 

Just a week ago, he even uploaded a picture featuring himself and his wife from their night out. Likewise, his children also can be seen on his star-studded Instagram now and then. 


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So, the verdict is that, yes they are still together and their marriage is as healthy as it was when they first started.