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Home News Amanda Stanton and Boyfriend Bobby Jacobs Have Officially Split

Amanda Stanton and Boyfriend Bobby Jacobs Have Officially Split

Mahammad Arsad shekh Sat Apr, 2019
Amanda Stanton and Boyfriend Bobby Jacobs Have Officially Split

It’s officially all over for Amanda Stanton and Bobby Jacobs! The Bachelor alum's boyfriend confirmed their split on Instagram, making it clear that cheating was not the cause.

Despite the recent outing of the pair, there were breakup speculations between them for several days.

When a asked for an update on the relationship between the duo on the latest post Bobby shared on Instagram on March 29, he confirmed the split in a lengthy response and told the user that there was no cheating.

The user commented,

Did she cheat? I just can’t understand how y’all can go from being soulmates, talks of getting engaged soon, you being a father figure, buying a house together, to suddenly broken up and deleting all pics of her from your page. I don’t get it! She must have cheated! Or you did. If not, WORK IT OUT, For your sake and for the sake of those girls! You are no doubt breaking their little hearts!! Relationships are NOT a walk in the park. Work through your problems, see a couples counselor. Don’t just give up. Seriously.

Jacobs replied to the user and confirmed his break up with the Bachelor in Paradise star on Friday, April 5, writing,

There was no cheating. I’d always be there for the girls and I’ve voiced that many a time. Coming from having a deadbeat Dad I’ve chosen to live my life nothing like him. They touched my heart and vice versa. No matter what I’ll always be around for them.

When another commenter wrote, "I hope you didn’t leave Amanda because of the hacker situation," the Tillow co-founder responded, “Not at all.

A hacker recently obtained topless photos of the Bachelor actress and tried to use them as blackmail.

Following the incident, her representative released a statement that read,

The hacker acquired photos from Stanton’s doctor following her past breast augmentation; hacking the doctor’s database and threatening to release all of the images to Stanton’s followers unless Stanton agreed to pay an exorbitant amount of money. To combat the attack, Stanton began unfollowing some of her Instagram followers in an attempt to keep the images from being released. Unfortunately, the hacker has since sent the images to a number of Stanton’s followers including past boyfriends, ABC producers, and more. Authorities are involved as this is an ongoing investigation. With the support of her family and loved ones including boyfriend Bobby Jacobs, Stanton wishes to deal with this matter privately moving forward due to the vicious nature of the individual responsible for her harassment.

Amanda, 28, and Bobby, 33, who first met on Instagram, made their relationship public in May 2018.

Earlier this month, the reality star exclusively told media that her daughters, Kinsley, 7, and Charlie, 5, view Bobby as "a father figure."

She shares those two children with her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio, with who she was married for three years, from 2012 to 2015.

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