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Home Gossip Amal Clooney' Husband George Clooney's Net worth in 2017: Know about his Career and Awards

Amal Clooney' Husband George Clooney's Net worth in 2017: Know about his Career and Awards

Ashmita Karki Sun Aug, 2017
Amal Clooney' Husband George Clooney's Net worth in 2017: Know about his Career and Awards

George Clooney is an award-winning American actor, film director, and producer who is a household name in the tinsel town. There's barely anyone who doesn't recognize him as he has been successful in gaining a lot of fans over a couple of decades.

Clooney is considered as one of the most successful actors. He has an unbelievable net worth of $500 million, but it's actually true. Let's find out about his career and awards in details:

George Clooney's early career to stardom

Clooney first appeared as an actor in TV in 1978, but he found fame only in 1994 after he portrayed the role of Dr. Doug Rosson in 'ER'. In 1997, he appeared in the superhero movie 'Batman & Robin' and 'Out of Sight' in 1998. He appeared as a lead in 'Three Kings' in 1999.

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George Clooney young

George Clooney young

Source: Animalia life

By 2001, Clooney's worldwide fame reached its height. In 2002, Clooney's first directed movie 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind' came out. After that, he went on to direct other movies and dramas such as 'Good Night, and Good Luck', 'Leatherheads', 'The Ides of March', and 'The Monuments Men'.

George Clooney works for cause

Apart from working in movies, Clooney is also active in politics and other humanitarian works. He supports gay right, although he isn't gay. He was even active during 2008 and 2012's Obama's presidential campaign.

Did you know that George and Amal Clooney are helping 3,000 Syrian refugees to go to school? Read about it here.

George Clooney

George Clooney

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He is involved with non-profit organizations named 'Not On Our Watch Project', 'American Foundation for Equal Right' and so on.

George Clooney Accolades

Clooney's list of awards is pretty long as he has won numerous awards. In 2005, he won an Academy Award for the movie 'Syriana'. He also won Academy Award for Best Picture for 'Argo'. Besides, he has been nominated multiple times for best actor for movies such as 'Michael Clayton', 'Up in the Air', and 'The Descendants '. 

George Clooney with his Oscar

George Clooney with his Oscar

Source: Access Hollywood

He became Time's top 100 "Most Influential People in the World" in 2009.

George Clooney mansions and car

Clooney and his wife Amal owns multiple mansion. They live together in their 17th Century mansion in Sonning, Berkshire. Besides he also owns a house in L.A, a boathouse and Italian mansion in Lake Como, Italy. Similarly, he drives Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible.

George and Amal Clooney bought a house and yacht worth £10m to celebrate the twins: 

It is Clooney's hard work and dedication that helped him reach where he is today. With a net worth of $500 million, Clooney has not just used to have a lavish lifestyle, but he is also using it in humanitarian work which is quite inspiring. We hope Amal Clooney's husband George Clooney finds more success in coming days.

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