Ally Brooke pays a heartbreaking tribute to the deceased singer Prince on her Facebook page

Updated On 16 May, 2016 Published On

Ally Brooke the finest singer of the town is sad with the demise of her good friend singer Prince. She has shared many of her best moments she spent with him and in present time, her heartbreaking tribute mentioned on her personal Facebook page even added more sentiments to her fans.

She said that she was very sad because of the news and losing one of the best personality of the town. They were very close to their company and even their pictures being together was captured in the social networking sites took good attention from the media. She further claimed that they were known from an early age and belonged from the similar ethnicity background.

Brooke earned the height of fame with heavy net worth  from the very early time and previously her affair with Drew Chadwick during the year 2012 was highly supported by Prince. But with many internal reasons and conflicts and fights they did not move their relation to further step. After this, she was even dating Troy Ogletree as her boyfriend from 2013 till 2015 but this also did not last for a long time. Somewhere they are still mentioning to be together, however, the real fact has not been flashed yet to the public.

She is a wide user of facebook having millions of fan following. Within her latest post on May 1, she expressed her heavy wishes to her beloved father on his birthday. She is even planning to gift him a special gift, but what it is actually about, has not been flashed by her yet. Her company with Prince was a great journey as listed by her, and she is sad with her loss. She has no mentality to get married by now, and she is busy in her career and working further ahead she is assigned with some new projects which she is excited to work with.