Allison Mack and Keith Raniere's Sex Cult Case Comes to a New Turn; an ex-NXIVM member Talks about her Dreadful Experience

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The new legal documents received by the Allison Mack and Keith Raniere's Sex Cult Case prosecutors believe what they have found to be the place where the sex-trafficking crimes took place and also an Ex-NXIVM member talks to the media about her dreadful experience. 

Recently, the sex cult case has had a new turn to its prosecution as an ex-NXIVM member talks what it was like to be the sex slave of Allison and Keith. The US Attorney's Office had filed for a civil forfeiture action in Brooklyn Federal Court on Wednesday

An actress who is in her early 30s, simply recognized as 'X' recalls her time at the NXIVM. She started her classes at the self-help group in 2015. And, a year later, she was introduced to the secret society, DOS (or Master Over Slave Women). 

According to the documents found and the interviews, it has been reported that the recruits target women going through extreme difficulties in their lives and brainwash them into thinking that it was an opportunity to get into the DOS group. 

After their entry into the group, the women were told to perform sexual acts for their masters and also pay tribute to them. According to the documents, the slaves were photographed nude as they filmed them calling it a 'branding' ceremony.

The documents held such films and photographs as a collateral for later dates. 

X recalls a day when she was woken up by Allison to visit Raniere. She got naked as per the direction and later, she was tied to a table before someone performed oral sex on her. She didn't want to participate but, that would have put her collateral into grave danger. 

CAPTION: Allison Mack, an accused of the sex cult case
SOURCE: The Daily Dot

Months in and months out, she had to have sexual contacts with Keith on a number of occasions. The sex acts were done mostly at the properties mentioned in the document. 

Alisson and Raniere have been named as the biggest conductor for the charges consisting of sex trafficking and forced labor conspiracies. Keith has already pleaded guilty while Mack is working on the plea deal. The next hearing is set to take place in June.