Allegedly Lesbian, Becky Hammon And Tony Parker's Dating Rumors Bombarding Twitter, Married?

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An American female professional basketball player Becky Hammon has been found to be dating another professional basketball player Tony Parker completely falsifying the statement regarding her lesbian sexual concern as previously there was a rumor of her affair with a female Brenda Milano. This news has been making headlines nowadays and has considerably gained wide attention and curiosity.

Is it true that Becky Hammon is a lesbian? Is Becky Hammon really dating Tony Parker or still single? Well, along with these, there arises a lot of questions regarding Becky Hammon's personal life and we know that as a fan of Becky Hammon, you must be praying for the questions to be answered. Don't worry, we are here with all the answers to your queries. Just stay tuned with us.

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Becky Hammon's lesbian rumor and relationship with Brenda Milano

It is always weird for people to be stuck on a question about anyone's sexuality rather than for the job he/she has done. Making a name for herself from the very start of her career, Becky Hammon has been one of the most talked WNBA players over the years.

Becky Hammon with her rumored girlfriend Brenda Milano

Becky Hammon with her rumored girlfriend Brenda Milano

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Although nothing has been confirmed officially about Becky’s relationship with Brenda Milano, there had been many speculations that the duo is dating each other and even married.

Becky Hammon’s rumored girlfriend Brenda Milano had been photographed with Becky in what seemed like a workout session? But there’s a shadow of doubt about it as Milano looks to be Beckey's lesbian partner. But there are no any authentic proofs which can say that they have got married or engaged.

So far, scrolling down her Instagram account, Becky Hammon has been seen with many of her female friends completely fitting into their company and spending private times together. What does this mean? Is she asexual?

Absolutely not,  just because she is associated closely with some female friends, we can't reach to the point that Hammon is a lesbian. There is a high probability that they might be her close best friends.

Dating rumors and relationship with Tony Parker

Even though this is a history-making event that almost every Twitter users could talk about is that whether Becky Hammon is engaged with the professional basketball player Tony Parker or not.

As soon as she was hired by San Antonio Spurs, the team for which Tony Parker is playing, rumors regarding Tony Parker's affair with Becky Hammon started bombarding the twitter.

Along with these, there are lots of speculations about Becky Hammon dating Spurs point guard Tony Parker. The reason behind this might be her appointment as new assistant coach of Spurs.

But this news is exactly wrong because Tony Parker is already married to Axelle Francine. Moreover, recently she and her husband Tony Parker welcomed their child, a baby boy named Liam, into the world on July 29, 2016. So how could he be dating any other women despite having a complete family?

Video: The New Guy featuring Tony Parker and Becky Hammon

Thus, all the information we got regarding Becky Hammon's personal life, it tells that Hammon is not a lesbian and also she is not in any kind of relationship with Tony Parker. She is only focused towards her career to bring her career as a professional basketball player to next level. Let's wish her all the very best for her future.