Allegedly Gay, Is Matt Drudge Single or Married? Know All About His Affairs and Relationships

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Born as Matthew Nathan Drudge on October 27, 1966, Matt Drudge is a renowned American political commentator. He is also an author, was a host on radio and television shows. The creator and editor of Drudge Report is a graduate of Northwood High School. Drudge has an estimated net worth around $90 million as of 2018.

The political commentator is always in headlines, be it because of his comments on Donald Trump or because of his sexuality. Currently, Matt is single and doesn't have any woman in his life. Moreover, there are several rumors that Drudge is gay, but Matt has continuously denied the allegations. 

To find out more about Matt Drudge personal life, his affairs, and relationships, continue to read below.

Affairs of Matt Drudge, Gay Rumors

As mentioned before, Matt was rumored to be a gay. The rumors were suspected to be true as there are no reports of Matt dating any ladies and as he is mostly romantically linked with men than women.

Once in the past, it was reported that Matt was in a relationship with the Washington D.C. landscaper David Cohen. David had even confirmed the heated rumor to be true with The New York Daily News, but Matt has never uttered a word regarding the news.

Politicall commentator Matt Drudge

The political commentator Matt Drudge

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The news of Matt gifting a house worth $700,000 to long-time friend and housemate Juan Carlos Alvarado has further boosted up the allegations of Matt being a gay. Drudge had generously gifted a 4,600-square-foot house in Miami under the "Quit Claim Deed" to his friend.

Matt Drudge Quit Claim Deed with Juan Carlos Alvarado

Matt Drudge Quit Claim Deed with Juan Carlos Alvarado

source: Gossip Extra

Even though Matt has never mentioned he is gay on any occasions, he was listed on Top 50 list of gay men and women by Out Magazine. While speaking to New York magazine, Drudge expressed his anger of being included in the list as:

"False. False. False. I do not love sex with men. My site is not anti-gay. I present both sides of the anti-choice-life issue. I am not anti-tolerant!"

Career of Matt Drudge: Professional Life

Matt had started off his career by working as a telemarketer for Time-Life Books, McDonald's manager, and sales assistant at a New York City grocery store. He even had worked as night counterman at a 7-Eleven convenience store.

The website Drudge Report founded by Drudge became popular in the late 1990s as the website reported numerous stories before the other media. At present, the website has 1.34 million followers on Twitter.

In 1998 Matt hosted the Fox News Channel called Drudge for a year and a Sunday night talk radio show called Drudge Report broadcasted by Premiere Radio Networks.

Durdge is also the author of the book titled Drudge Manifesto which he had co-written with Julia Phillips in 2000. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list.

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Matt Drudge is on the peak of success in his career but his personal life is filled with controversies. Even though he has repeatedly denied being a gay, his actions are in contrast. Hope he will soon clear out the confusion, and we will be able to know who his girlfriend or boyfriend is.