Alissa Violet's New Boyfriend Ricky Banks Dating History, Know About Their Affairs and Relationship

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Alissa Violet is an Instagram model and social media sensation best known for her previous relationship with famous yet controversial YouTube star Jake Paul. Despite the trauma and heartbreak, she went through. She has moved on and is currently in a relationship with another YouTube star named Ricky Banks

Alissa is currently 21 years old and is well known for posting funny videos on her YouTube channel and was also a huge name before Vine got shut down. 

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Alissa Violet

Alissa Violet

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Nonetheless, here, we are going to talk about Alissa Violet's new beau Ricky Banks and her so-called relationship with Jake Paul

Alissa Violet has a new man in her life. Know more about it

Alissa is currently dating a new man, and through their Instagram and other social media posts, it is apparent that they are deeply in love. Not long after, Alissa had a controversial "breakup" with her "ex-boyfriend" Jake Paul, she started dating handsome YouTuber Ricky Bank, professionally known by his YouTube name FaZe Banks


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They announced their love back in June of 2017. The pair can be openly seen together on social media especially on each other's YouTube channel. 

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It has been quite some time since they got together but the journey has not been easy for them. 

Not long after they announced their relationship, Jake accused Banks of sexually harassing one of his friends at the club. But later, Banks himself and one of Jake's friends spoke on the topic and shared that he was innocent. 

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Later on, Alissa was again punched in the face by a bouncer while they were at a club. 

Nonetheless, the couple is going strong, and it has been more than nine months since they started dating. A relationship that started out through controversies is obvious to go through more debates.


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