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Home Gossip Alice Eve terrifying experience of flying, "the plane plunged like a stone"

Alice Eve terrifying experience of flying, "the plane plunged like a stone"

Richa Wed May, 2016
Alice Eve terrifying experience of flying,

Recently, Alice Eve revolved around from terrifying experience. She was moving to abroad with a flight that Star Trek into darkness. This popular actress was imagining with her second though as soon as she left her shaken. She is the daughter of The Waking Dead actor Trevor Eve who is now 34 in her age while she was going to South Africa flying from London she had such a terrifying experience that she early believed being filmed with a new project. 

As soon as the plane plunged like a stone she got frightened. The plane dropped below 2,000 Ft and it was a terrible experience to her. Other people in the flight were even frightened and scared while the very incident happened.

Eve, in 2012,  got married to Alex Cowper-Smith and previous to that she was also having her affair with Adam O’Riordan from 2009 till 2012. They were even supposed to get married but because of many fights and disturbance made them break up. Ben Adams was also his boyfriend in 2008 but this also did not last for a long time. Alice is happy with her married life along with her husband. Sharing the very incident with her husband he was very frightened for the very first time.

Reaching the height of publicity, Alice net worth earned from the movies is around 3.5 million American dollars. Having 11.2K followers in twitter she have currently joined Twitter account. It seems that with the suggestion of @hiimrichie, she started using the very account. She has just 5 Tweets posted yet. But she is active on Instagram with her pictures. Her picture with her husband is also making her get better attention from her fan followings. It seems she had an amazing trip to South Africa though her experience in Plane was horrible.