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Home Gossip Alexandria Morgan dating her boyfriend for three years. Know about their love affair

Alexandria Morgan dating her boyfriend for three years. Know about their love affair

Alishan Fri Jan, 2017
Alexandria Morgan dating her boyfriend for three years. Know about their love affair

She is a model who came to the limelight in 2014 after starring in a very controversial commercial for TomTom, which was banned from the television. Does that ring a bell? Take a guess guys. If you guessed Alexandria Morgan you are absolutely correct.

Alexandria apart from that commercial is known for her appearances in magazines like Vogue Italy and is also one of the faces of Guess. Today, we are here to provide you with the details of this beautiful model’s love life. Stay with us.

Who is Alexandria Morgan dating?

Born and raised in Morton, Illinois Alexandria Morgan attended The King’s College in New York and that is where she met her boyfriend. According to Morgan, while in college, she was dorky and was a very shy girl. During her college days, she never had a boyfriend and as a matter of fact, she only had one boy in her friend circle. Well, that guy after being friend zoned by Morgan managed to escape from it and became her boyfriend.

However, she hasn’t revealed his name but his Instagram name is scawtttothemax that suggest his name is probably Scott. Maybe she just wants to keep her love affair private and away from the media. Whatever the reason is, we respect her decision to keep it as a secret.

Alex and her boyfriend.

Caption: Alex and her boyfriend.


It looks like Morgan is a kind of girl who believes in a relationship that starts from friendship. As the quote goes you can have friendship and you can have love, but it’s only when you have both together that it will be a great love. Morgan in a Q&A on her YouTube said,

“We have been dating for three years and I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else and I really think the key to a good relationship is to build it on a friendship first because then you get to know the person and be yourself with person without any romantic implications at all and it’s just the best.”

As of now the pair has been together for 3 years and it seems they are still going strong. Morgan has posted a few photos of her boyfriend in Instagram and the two of them just look very cute together. The couple also looks very comfortable and happy in the relationship.

Till this date, there haven’t been any rumors about this lovely couple having any conflicts. It looks like this high school sweethearts are deep in love and are in for a long term relationship. We think they might even get married someday but right now Morgan is focusing on her career and has been growing famous day by day.

Here is the controversial commercial of Alexandria Morgan for TomTom

Well, we would just like to wish them all the luck for their future together and hope we get to hear the news about their wedding very soon.

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