Alexa Valiente, Emmy-Winning ABC News Producer, Dies At Age 27

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Alexa Valiente, the Emmy Award-winning ABC News producer, died on Friday, April 5. As for the cause of death, the network announced that she passed away after suffering health issues for months.

Alexa Valiente worked with ABC network for six years; she serve on shows such as Nightline, 20/20 and Popcorn.

The circumstances surrounding the death of the television producer are unclear. The network said in a statement that her passing came as a surprise to her closest members in the newsroom.

James Goldston, the ABC News president, said in a statement,

Always a friendly face in the halls, she had an upbeat spirit, a curious and brilliant mind and a real passion to see the world. She will be deeply missed.

Alexa received an Emmy Award in 2018 for her work on 20/20‘s Las Vegas: Heartbreak and Heroes. She worked in the show on the deadly mass shooting that left 58 people killed and hundreds injured in 2017.

Shortly after the passing news of Alexa emerged, her loved one took to Instagram accounts to pay tribute to her.

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Rest In Peace Alexa Valiente!

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