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Home Gossip Alaska: The Last Frontier' Cast Atz Kilcher's Family Life and Children: Also About His Marriage

Alaska: The Last Frontier' Cast Atz Kilcher's Family Life and Children: Also About His Marriage

Kurt Thu Jun, 2018
Alaska: The Last Frontier' Cast Atz Kilcher's Family Life and Children: Also About His Marriage

Gaining popularity through Discovery Channel's popular reality TV show Alaska: The Last Frontier, Atz Kilcher has become a success in the TV show business. For people who have seen his show, you already know the type of person Atz is. However, there are things which even the dearest fans of his show may not know about him such as his family life and his children.

If you are his fan or a fan of the show, then we have got a juicy bit of gossip for you regarding the 70-year-old actor's family life and his relationship as well as his children.

Atz's Early Life and Big Family

Atz was born in Homer, Alaska, on September 2, 1947, to father Yule Kilcher and mother Ruth Weber. His parents fled to Alaska from Sweden which makes him of Swedish Descent. He has seven siblings, and he is the eldest of them all.

Atz never had any formal education and everything regarding education was taught to him by his mother. His family was living in the wilderness of Alaska as such he had to make the best of his situation and learn from his parents.

Relationships of Atz: Affairs and Marriage

In the past, Atz was married to Lenedra Carroll who is a singer, author, and a manager. The couple had a daughter and two sons together. During his marriage to Lenedra, he got involved in an affair with a woman named Linda which led him to father a child out of his marriage.

His marriage with wife Lenedra ended in 1982 with both the parties filing for divorce.

CAPTION: Atz and His Second Wife Bonnie
SOURCE: wikicelebinfo

Despite his failed marriage, Atz was not fazed as he got married again, this time to a Bonnie Dupre who is also one of the casts of his reality show. Atz and Bonnie do not have a child together but Bonnie has children from her previous relationship, a daughter Hannah Schwiesow, and son Karl Schwiesow.

He is happy with his relationship and if you watch his show, you can tell that he is totally into her.

Atz's Children More Famous Than Him?

Atz has four children of his own, all from his past relationship. From his marriage with Lenedra, he had two sons; Atz Lee Kilcher and Shane Kilcher and daughter Jewel Kilcher. Yes, Jewel! The famous American singer-songwriter who has received four Grammy Award nominations and sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

Atz is the father of one of the famous musician of America.


Our father's children @shanekilcher @jewel @atzlee @atzkilcher

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As we mentioned above, Atz had an affair of which he has a son as well. He is the father of Nikos Kilcher who was born from his affair with Linda.

His children are just as famous as Atz and that is because they have co-starred right alongside him on the show Alaska: The Last Frontier. The Kilcher household seems to be filled with talent, guess it runs in his genes.