Alabama hire defensive line coach Karl Dunbar after getting fired from Buffalo Bills

Updated On 10 Jun, 2016 Published On

It came out as a surprise to most football fans when the longtime defensive line assistant of the Bills of the NFL, Karl Dunbar was suddenly and unexpectedly fired from his position by coach Rex Ryan. He was carrying out his duties in the position pretty well and there had been no previous ideas regarding his removal from the team. The reason behind this has not been stated yet and it seems that there is something to do with the relation between the pair. However, Dunbar has finally found a new job after two months of unemployment and he has been hired as the defensive line coach of the Alabama.

Karl Dunbar has been known for his experience as a defensive line and is known for his fantastic skills in coaching in the files. He has previously held the same position for the bills, Vikings, Jets and Bears. He has also been the defensive line coach of the LSU as well as the Oklahoma State and he is eager to get back to work as of now. Dunbar will be replacing the longtime defensive coach of the Alabama, Bo Davis and will be holding the position immediately.

The playing career of Dunbar started off with the New Orleans Saints and then the Arizona Cardinals. He then also played for the Pittsburgh Steelers before starting off as a coach in the higher school level since the year 1996. He rose up to fame and had been the defensive line coach of the Buffalo Bills previously. 

After two months of unemployment, this personality must surely be happy to have obtained the same position in the Alabama. Though he has never revealed much about his personal life details to fans around the world, it sure can be hoped that the news of being inducted as a defensive line coach at the Alabama will be big and a happy deal for the extremely talented personality.