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Home Gossip Is Aisha Hinds Single or Dating Someone? Know About Her Affairs and Relationships

Is Aisha Hinds Single or Dating Someone? Know About Her Affairs and Relationships

Sabina Gartaula Mon May, 2018
Is Aisha Hinds Single or Dating Someone? Know About Her Affairs and Relationships

Aisha Jamila Hinds, a.k.a. Aisha Hinds, is an American actress best known for her portrayal of Miss Jeanette in the TV series True Blood, alongside Anna Paquin, Nelsan Ellis, and others. Nominated for quite a few Black Reel Awards, she is indeed very popular but very little is known about her personal life.

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Born on 13th November 1975, Aisha is 42-years-old, and she is neither married nor engaged which is very shocking.

Here, we are going to unfold some information about the actress’ relationship status, her past affairs and much more.

Is Aisha Hinds Dating Someone? Or Is She Single?

When it comes to her looks, Hinds is a very private person, and she had done an excellent job at leaving no trace behind when it comes to her love life. According to sources, she is currently single, and there are also no records of her past affairs.

It is tough to imagine that a 42-year-old has not dated anyone in her life. She has been active in the entertainment industry since 2002, and it is very shocking how she has been able to keep her life a secret.

She is neither married nor engaged, and she also does not have any children. But she is a godmother and not long ago, she shared the proud moment on Instagram by uploading a picture of her god child’s feet and hand stamps with his date of birth written on clay.

Even though she does not have any children, her motherly instincts seem to kick in when it comes to children.

Meanwhile, she is single, but she might be dating someone and correctly hiding it from the public eye. Nonetheless, we hope that she decides to open a little more and give her fans at least a glimpse of her love life.

Rumors Has It Alisha Hinds Is a Lesbian. Are The Rumors True?

Since Hinds is so closed about her personal life, and there are no records of her past affairs, many fans have made up theories that she is not straight but rather a lesbian. Many claims that this is the reason why she is not dating any man and keeping her love life with her partner a secret.

Well, the main reasons why people are assuming that she is not straight because, in the TV series Under The Dome, she portrayed the role of a lesbian character Carolyn Hill for fifteen episodes straight. This is indeed a big reason why fans assume she is a lesbian.

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However, like any other information about her personal life, she has not spoken on it, and we do not have any solid base to prove that she is straight or not.

She may or may not be a lesbian, but all that matters is that she is happy with her partner and living her life to the fullest.