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Home Gossip Actor Rob Lowe's Married Life With Wife Sheryl Berkoff: Also His Past Affairs And Children

Actor Rob Lowe's Married Life With Wife Sheryl Berkoff: Also His Past Affairs And Children

Kurt Tue Jun, 2018
Actor Rob Lowe's Married Life With Wife Sheryl Berkoff: Also His Past Affairs And Children

From his early days as a teen-actor to the current charismatic and handsome self, Rob Lowe has always been one of the most attractive celebrities of the Hollywood. Though many fans out there may have laid their eyes on Lowe, they will have to take their interest elsewhere as Lowe is a married man.

Rob has been with his wife Sheryl Berkoff for a long time now and has children with her as well. How long is a long time in their marriage and how is his personal life with his wife and children? let us find out.

A Marriage Lasting Over Two Decades

Lowe has been in a monogamous relationship and has been married to Sheryl Berkoff for 26 years now. The couple tied the knot on July 22, 1991. They first met each other on a blind date in 1983 but at that time, neither of them were ready to date as they presumed that it would not proceed any further than a few dates.

But, they were the couple that was meant to be and fate played its hand as they met during the set of Bad Influence when Sheryl ended up being Lowe's make-up artist. Their relationship was not easy and they had to face many obstacles, most of which were due to Lowe's alcohol addiction and commitment issues.


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Lowe changed up his act once he started dating Sheryl again; he sobered up and was ready to try being in a monogamous relationship with Sheryl as well.

His strong will proved to be all that was needed as he continued to date Sheryl and marry her making them one of the few successful marriages in Hollywood.

Lowe and Sons

Lowe is happily married to wife Sheryl Berkoff and from his marriage with her, he has two sons; Edward Matthew Lowe, born in 1993 and John Owen Lowe, born in 1995. Lowe and his sons share a close relationship as fathers and sons and spend time with each other whenever possible.

Lowe has the physics that makes him attractive but he is smart as well which is prominent through his investments in property holdings. It seems that his genes of smarts and good physics have been passed down to his sons as well.

His sons are both good looking just like him and smart as well. Matthew is a Duke University graduate while John is a graduate of Stanford.

The three boys of the Lowe house are very close to one another, and they have starred together in the TV series The Lowe's file.

Past Relationships and Controversies Surrounding Lowe

Lowe has always been a ladies man and with his good looks and there is no doubt about the fact. Before his marriage, he was involved in various other relationships. One of his early relationships was with actress Melisa Gilbert.

The two began dating when she was just 17 but they could not make their relationship last long. Gilbert was even pregnant with Lowe's child but suffered a miscarriage.

CAPTION: A Young Rob Lowe with Melissa Gilbert
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The couple had broken up after Gilbert was found out to be pregnant and after her miscarriage, she told Today,

“I had lost my baby and my relationship with Rob … and it hurt like hell.”

Since then Lowe has been in a relationship with many girls. Lowe even dated Princess Stephanie of Monaco around 1986. They met when Lowe was in France for his film.

New York Daily News proclaimed that the two were engaged in September to be married in June which did not happen to be the case as it was called off after a few days.

Likewise, Lowe also had affairs with several other females over the years. He was in a relationship with German actress Nastassja Kinski, Marlee Matlin, the only deaf performer to win an Academy Award. 

Likewise, he also dated Janice Dickinson, a model, photographer. He was also reported to be in a relationship with Winona Ryder and Tracy Richman as well.

CAPTION: Lowe and Winona Ryder
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Lowe has made headlines for all the wrong reasons as well. One of his most controversial scandals was the release of his sex tape in 1988. The tape caused a serious damage in his public image and even caused the downfall of his career. He has also been involved in several other controversies even after his marriage.

Despite the controversies and unsuccessful past relationships, he was able to bounce back and find the love of his life in his current wife.