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Home Gossip American Singer Garth Brook Financial Status: Also About His Career Struggles, Net Worth, & Earnings

American Singer Garth Brook Financial Status: Also About His Career Struggles, Net Worth, & Earnings

Bibs Tue May, 2018
American Singer Garth Brook Financial Status: Also About His Career Struggles, Net Worth, & Earnings

Garth Brooks is a 56-year-old American singer and songwriter whose integration of rock and roll into the country genre has earned him international recognition. With multi-platinum recordings and record-breaking live performances, Brooks has managed to present himself as an iconic musician. According to RIAA, he is the best-selling solo albums artist in the US.

Without a doubt, Garth Brooks is an outstanding artist deserving of the success he has strived for. Brooks is pretty much fulfilled when it comes to fame. But what about money? Let's find out his financial status and net worth.

Garth Brooks & Country Music: His Career & Achievements

Kicking off His Career

Garth Brooks commenced his career in Oklahoma Cubs and Bars. Initially interested in rock music, his world turned around when he listened to George Strait's Unwound and decided that he would pursue country music.

CAPTION: Young Garth Brooks
SOURCE: Country 106.7

With the help of entertainment attorney Rod Phelps, Brooks moved to Nashville and started making contacts in the music industry. In 1985, Phelps drove from Dallas to listen to his music. He liked what he heard and offered to produce his first demo. And the rest is history. 

Garth's Breakthrough Success

Brooks released his eponymous first album in 1989. It secured No. 2 position on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and reached No. 13 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

This album included four major singles: Much Too Young, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Not Counting You, and The Dance. The same year, he embarked on his first major tour with Kenny Rogers

CAPTION: Garth Brooks' First Album Cover
SOURCE: The Boot

The country legend's second album No Fences hit the stores shelves in 1990. This album was a major success as it spent 23 weeks in as No. 1 in Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and No. 13 in the Billboard 200 chart.

It became his highest selling album with 17 million domestic shipments. Little did he know, Garth Brooks' career would take off even further in the future. 

The Mainstream Artist

Throughout the years, Garth Brooks has released albums after albums. Some of his most successful albums include The Chase, Beyond The Season, In Pieces, Fresh Horses, Sevens, Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas, and Scarecrow.

Brooks also released compilation albums and did special performances at this time. Even after so many years, Garth still finds the courage to walk in the stage and give an overwhelming performance.

Brooks has also released an album titled Man against Machine. To promote his album, Garth went on a world tour. Since then, Garth has released his latest album Gunslinger, which was released in 2016.

How Rich is Garth Brooks? His Net Worth

In 2015, Garth Brooks' annual income reached an all-time high. Through his record sales and other endeavors, he banked a total of $90 million. The last hike in his income was back in 1990 when he earned $23 million a year.

His 2016 income stood at $70 million. From his record sales and tours, he has amassed a net worth of $240 million, which is on par with Kenny Chesney.

CAPTION: Garth Brooks' Oklahoma Home
SOURCE: Billionaire's Addresses

Garth Brooks apparently owns many real estate properties. In 2014, Garth sold his Oklahoma home for $3.5 million and two years later, he sold his Malibu home for $7 million.

He has supported foundations like United Way, Habitat For Humanity, and Project Clean Water.