American Personality Heather Storm's TV Works & Business Ventures; Her Lifestyle and Net Worth

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If you like cars and are amateur at garage works, you might have stumbled upon the TV show Garage Squad which is co-hosted by the American Personality Heather Storm along with Bruno Massel and lead mechanic Joe Zolper. To your information, Heather is also a businesswoman and is the co-founder of the eco-event company Black Lab.

Not only has she done TV shows, but she has also made appearances in the big screen through movies such as No Bad Days, Nail Demon, Rush Hour 3, and more. Want to learn more about the American beauty and her career, then continue with the article.

Career Of Garage Squad Co-Host

Heather has never let herself to be limited in one trade. She is involved in different careers over the years. She was the host of Mix Down, a series in Complex TV which is produced and hosted by Storm. The show provides the viewers with the recipes of unique cocktail all the while good vibes are spread with electronic dance music in the background.

As mentioned before, she is a co-founder of Black Lab, an eco-friendly company that is all about mixology and providing different kinds of juices and drinks including standard cocktails as well. She currently co-hosts the podcast Man Seeks Adventure, where she creates a unique drink of the day for each episode.

CAPTION: Co-host of Garage Squad
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Heather's fame grew from the TV series Garage squad. She is the co-host of the show which is about Heather's squad finding useless and ruined vehicles from the public and fixing it and adding some additional features giving the car a new look and return it to its owner. The show has been successful with the audience and it has been on the air for five seasons.

Heather has also made appearances in a number of movies which include No Bad Days, Nail Demon, Rush House 3 starring action star Jackie Chan, Surviving Disasters, and many others.

Lifestyle and Net Worth of Heather

Heather loves to travel, and she has traveled to more than 20 nations worldwide. She is a wine enthusiast and loves to taste wines from different corners of the world. She shares the love for her travel through her social media and blog. She owns a 65' Mustang which she frequently uses for her travels.

Investing in various business and finding success, Heather is innovative and venturous. In short, Heather is a successful woman. She has found success through her business and as co-host in various TV shows. Her success has led her to accumulate the net worth of $1.8 million.