American Auctioneer Laura Dotson's Career: Her Annual Earning, Salary & Net Worth

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Laura Dotson, an American auctioneer, has been involving herself in auctioneering business since 1988. Laura and her husband, Dan Dotson, operate a full-service company named as American Auctioneers in Riverside, California. She conducts two auctions a day from Sunday to Friday in her company American Auctioneers.

Dotson is also popular for her auctions on A&E Network's television reality show Storage Wars. Over the period of time, Dotson has grown from three hundred auctions to over three thousand in a year. Rumors are that Laura earns a good sum from her business. To know more about her profession, earnings and net worth stay with us.

Laura Dotson: Profession

Laura Dotson was an ordinary person before she met Dan Dotson in the year 1996. Gradually after some time, the couple got married and Laura involved herself in Dan’s auction business. Together the couple started their company American Auctioneers in the year 1983.

In the year 2010, Dotson appeared on the reality show Storage Wars produced by A&E Network. The main idea of the show was the involvement of four professional buyers with their teams whereby they have to bid on storage units that are in default.

CAPTION: Laura Dotson

Previously, Laura played the role of ringman and her husband acted as the auctioneer in the show. As the time passed, their role got exchanged due to Dan’s auction chant. Due to her performance in the show, Laura got featured in several news articles by USA Today, The Washington Post and TMZ

Laura’s Net Worth and Salary

The net worth of American auctioneer and media personality Laura Dotson is $5 million. According to the sources, Laura and her husband Dan receives an estimated amount of $675 000 per season from their show Storage Wars

Also, she earns around $4.5 million annually with her auction business American Auctioneers. Likewise, her husband Dan Dotson net worth is around $6.5 million.

Dotson has earned herself this worth with the help of her appearances in different television series like The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal, Fox, and Friends. 

Moreover, her production movie Fragment has helped gradually risen up her net worth. Laura Dotson also has online website for her auction business which additionally helps to earn her good sum of money.