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Home Gossip American News Commentator Van Jones' Professional Accomplishments, His Net Worth And Earnings

American News Commentator Van Jones' Professional Accomplishments, His Net Worth And Earnings

Kurt Thu Jun, 2018
American News Commentator Van Jones' Professional Accomplishments, His Net Worth And Earnings

American News Commentator and author Van Jones is a man of remarkable social standing. He stands for social justice and equality for every race. He is a co-founder of multiple non-profit organization like The Dream Corps.

Jones may be a man who works with the media but he has never shied away from making the world a better place. Find out more about Jones career and his earnings.

Jones' Career: Standing Up For Justice

Jones started his career as a lawyer and was a member of Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights. He has always been an activist and has tried to provide social justice to people who have been mistreated.

In the past, Jones has launched various campaigns which include the campaign to fire officer Marc Andaya from the San Francisco Police Department, a campaign to defeat Proposition 21, and campaign to transform California's juvenile justice system.

Jones is also an environmnetalist and is a promoter of eco-capitalism and environmental justice. In 2008, Jones published his first book The Green Collar of Economy, which according to him had,

"viable plan for solving the two biggest issues facing the country today—the economy and the environment."

The book earned positive review from Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Tom Daschle, Carl Pope, and Arianna Huffington. It was the first environmental book written by an African-American author to make to the New York Times bestseller list.

CAPTION: The Van Jones Show
SOURCE: cnncommentary

Jones was appointed as Special Advisor to the Obama administration for Green Jobs in March 2009. His appointment in the White House was criticized by conservative media such as WorldNetDaily and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck along with the Republicans. Jones found himself in the midst of many controversial battles with the media and Republican and he resigned from his position in White House on September 5, 2009.

Jones was announced to be the co-host of the CNN political debate show Crossfire in June 2013. He would be the co-host of the show alongside Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter, and S.E. Cupp. The show was canceled in October 2014.

Jones continued as a regular CNN contributor in the show following the cancellation of the show but in 2016, Jones got to launch his show The Messy Truth, a new feature documentary series. The year 2018 brought a new show from Jones called The Van Jones Show.

How Much Is the Activist Net Worth?

As of 2018, the net worth of Jones is estimated to be $1.5 million. Jones, a non-practicing attorney, was a White House employee and is an author and host of his show on CNN.

His earnings are tied to the salary which he earns through his job at CNN and through his books sales as well. He has a good earning and as a result, he can facilitate his multiple non-profit organizations.

Achievement of Jones

Jones being an activist and environmentalist has done goods for the benefits of the society. For all the hard work that he does for the society, he has been paid up with awards.

CAPTION: The Successful Jones

Some of the achievements that he has accumulated over the years are, Reebok International Human Rights Award, NAACP President's Award, Environmental Media Association's Green Biz Global Innovator Award, Rolling Stone Magazine 12 Leaders Who Get Things Done and Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World to name but only a few.