American Basketball Player Kyrie Irving Has a Daughter; Who Is The Mother To The Child? Past Affairs

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Kyrie Irving has always been known for having multiple affairs and girlfriends. For the past few years, the playboy/lover has been caught dating many celebrities. The 26-year-old Cleveland basketball star Kyrie Irving has moved from one girl to another searching for a place to settle his heart down.

However, recently, the world witnessed a responsible father in him. Yes! You heard it right. The basketballer is a father to a daughter, and he seems to be doing his best to meet his responsibilities as a father. Well, curious to know more about the story, we are here to help you out.

Andrea Wilson Is The Mother To Kyrie's Daughter

Reports have stated that Kyrie has a baby mama, and she is none other than 2010 Miss Texas United States Andrea Wilson. The player met her in New York City back in 2013, and now he’s desperately trying to get back with her.

CAPTION: Andrea Wilson and her daughter.
SOURCE: terezowens

The star has filed legal documents in Texas, requesting legal paternity proofs to prove that he’s the dad to Andrea’s child.

Wilson had told the media that Kyrie had no participation and was only seeking custody to come out nice for the press. The parent claimed that she had paid for and had handled everything on her own, without receiving any external support, and wished to have no connection with Irving.

Sources have let us know that Kyrie wanted no war to wage between them and that they could come up with a solution and focus on becoming responsible parents.

The kid was born on November 23, 2015. The name of their daughter is Azurie Elizabeth. Kyrie named her after his late mother Elizabeth. The couple has still not settled their scores, but Kyrie claims to pay $4500 in the name of child-support to Wilson. The world just hopes that Kyrie and Wilson come to terms before the situation gets out of the handle.

Kyrie Irving Affairs And Girlfriend

As we have already mentioned above, Kyrie has had multiple affairs. His girlfriends also include some renowned celebrities. 

In fact, he also had to deal with controversies because of some of his relationships. Let's find out about it all in detail.

Affair With Chantel Jeffries

Many might have heard the name of Chantel Jeffries. Yes, the name has been linked to many professional athletes. She’s been associated with big names like Kevin Durant, Johnny Manziel and DeSean Jackson, even Justin Bieber. In fact, Chantel's relationship with Justin remained for long in the media. 

CAPTION: Kyrie and his recent girlfriend Chantel in iPic.

Likewise, Kyrie and Chantel were rumored to be dating each other for a couple of months in 2016.

They were recently seen exiting iPic in Westwood after a movie date. They were both caught holding hands together. They were there to watch Incredibles 2.

Dating Gabrielle Lexa

Irving previously dated Gabrielle Lexa. She was formerly a dancer for the Atlanta Hawks.

CAPTION: Kyrie with his girlfriend, Gabrielle in the back.
SOURCE: blacksportsonline

The dancer had to move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. The long-distance relationship between the couple did not work and they ultimately split up.

Kyrie, Kehlani, and controversies

The star also dated Kehlani Parrish back in 2015-2016. Kehlani is a legitimate R&B singer. The rumors were confirmed by Kehlani's post on Instagram. It was an enthusiastic Valentine’s Day post showcasing Irving and Kehlani.

CAPTION: Valentine's day post from Kehlani
SOURCE: usatoday

Kehlani was later accused of cheating on Kyrie when photos of her and her ex-boyfriend surfaced on Instagram. The two split and its aftermath had devastating effects on Kehlani. She even attempted suicide by slashing her own wrists.

Irving has stated that they still continue to be good friends. And we also hope that Irving settles down for good. 

Best of luck.