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Home Gossip After three husbands and three divorces, Demi Moore unlikely to get married again in the near future

After three husbands and three divorces, Demi Moore unlikely to get married again in the near future

Rabina Koirala Mon Sep, 2016
After three husbands and three divorces, Demi Moore unlikely to get married again in the near future

The queen bee of the 90s of Holywood, Demi Moore, has had a fair share of a very successful career in Hollywood. But life has not been favoring her when it comes to romantic relationships. Demi, 53, has been married three times. All three of Moore's marriages ended in divorce. And now, as of 2016, Demi does not seem to be in a mindset to get married again.

Image: Demi Moore

Demi first married when she was not even 18.

Born in 1962, Demi was married for the first time in 1980—  before her 18th birthday. Her first husband was singer Freddy Moore. It was from her first marriage that Demi adopted her stage name, Demi More. She was born Demi Gene Guynes. With her husband, Demi co-wrote a few songs in 1980 and 1981. Freddy and Demi were not legally married because Freddy was still married to his previous wife when their affair started. Nevertheless, they got a legal separation in 1984.

She went on to marry Bruce Willis three years later.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis got married in 1987. For more than a decade, they were the ruling power couple of the industry. From their marriage, they have given birth to three beautiful daughters— Rumer (born August 16, 1988), Scout (born July 20, 1991), and Tallulah (born February 3, 1994).

Their family was seemingly going very strong. But tragedy struck them when Demi and Bruce decided to go their separate ways. They filed for divorce in 1998, and it was finalized two years later.

But even after the divorce, the duo is very friendly with each other. Their amiable relationship was for the sake of their children. They even attended each other's other marriages after their divorce.

Image: Bruce Willis with his and Demi's daughters

Demi's third husband was the gorgeous Ashton Kutcher.

In 2003, Demi met Ashton Kutcher, who turned out to be her third husband two years later. Two and a Half Men-starrer Kutcher and Ghost actress Demi have an age gap of 16 years. So this relationship was much criticized. But despite all, they continued dating and finally, married in 2005. Their marriage went placidly for five full years. But from 2010, rumors began circulating about infidelity in their relationship.

Image: Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

And  finally, in 2013, their divorce was finalized where Demi received a handsome settlement from Kutcher.

Demi has never been badmouthed by any of her exes.

In all of her marriages and divorces, Demi has been able to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone. So she is basically a person loved by everyone. Demi Moore had been the ruling lady of Hollywood during the 1990s. The industry saw blockbuster hits from Moore from her roles in movies such as Rob Reiner's A Few Good Men (1992), Adrian Lyne's Indecent Proposal (1993), and Barry Levinson's Disclosure (1994). In 1996, she was the highest paid actress. But her love life 'failed' her.

So why may it be that she can not last in a relationship? Does she, maybe, have commitment issues?

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Demi will find love in her life again? Let us know in the comments below.