After Morgan Fairchild's Divorce From Jack Calmes, She is Dating Boyfriend Mark Seiler

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Morgan Fairchild was once a dream girl of every guy on the planet. But she was married to Jack Calmes. However, her marriage did not last long. Currently, she is dating Mark Seiler and we can say with confidence that Morgan and Mark are doing well in their relationship.


Morgan married Jack in the year 1967. Their marriage was really successful during their first few years but it fell apart subsequently.

This couple got divorced in 1973 and went their separate ways. The reason behind their separation is a mystery as Morgan has never spoken about it.



If we talk about Morgan Fairchild’s relationship in the past, you will not be able to count it on your fingers. She has had 26 failed relationships and that figure contains only those that came into public knowledge and god knows how many that never came into limelight.

After her divorce, she dated John Kerry, who was a US Senator and then-presidential applicant. But, currently, her boyfriend is Mark Seiler who is a film company executive. They have been dating since 1986. But they have not married yet and there is no information whether they are planning to or not.



Even after being with Mark, Morgan has not been out of controversies. Joe DiMaggio was once rumored to be her husband which was absolutely not true. Later, she was also linked with Gray Puckett. Despite all these rumors, Morgan has always accepted openly that Mark is her boyfriend.

image: Morgan Fairchild


Morgan was the most desirable actress in her twenties with a perfectly shaped body and alluring curves. But her beauty started declining due to aging. That is why she has gone through plastic surgery to look younger and more beautiful.

image: Morgan Fairchild in 2016

Morgan Fairchild is 69-year-old now. And if you ask us, we think that she should convert her long love affair into marriage so that she does not have to spend the rest of her life alone. We hope to hear the wedding news of this couple really soon.

Quick facts about Morgan Fairchild:

How old is Morgan Fairchild?

Morgan Fairchild is 69 years old.

When did Morgan Fairchild marry Jack Calmes?

Morgan Fairchild married Jack Calmes in 1967.

When did Jack Calmes and Morgan Fairchild get divorced?

Morgan Fairchild and Jack Calmes divorced in 1973.

Who is Morgan Fairchild's boyfriend?

Morgan Fairchild's boyfriend is Mark Seiler.