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Home Gossip After Floyd Mayweather debacle, Shantel Jackson engaged to Nelly as they could get married soon

After Floyd Mayweather debacle, Shantel Jackson engaged to Nelly as they could get married soon

Ashmita Karki Mon Sep, 2016
After Floyd Mayweather debacle, Shantel Jackson engaged to Nelly as they could get married soon

After ending a very bitter relationship with Floyd Mayweather, Shantel Jackson is in love again. She is currently engaged to Nelly. Jackson and Nelly are so much in love, and we can’t deny the fact that this pair might get married soon.

Shantel Jackson affair with Floyd Mayweather

Shantel was a hostess at an event in Atlanta when she first met Mayweather in 2006. The affair between them bloomed soon after that. Everyone believed that Jackson and Mayweather’s relationship was going really well, but the truth was different. Shantel was frequently abused by Mayweather. The abuse was to such a level that Mayweather not only choked and twisted her arm, but he also held her at gunpoint and threatened to shoot her.

Image: Shantel Jackson and Floyd Mayweather

Jackson ended her eight-year long relationship with Mayweather in 2014. This pair was engaged too. There are rumors that Jackson even aborted Mayweather’s twin babies.

Is Shantel Jackson Married?

At present, Jackson is in a relationship with Nelly. In fact, they are engaged to each other. After dating for some time, Nelly proposed Jackson. However, this pair has not married yet.
According to a close source, Jackson wants to get married desperately. That’s why she has been putting lots of pressure on her rapper lover, Nelly. However, Nelly seems to focus on his career at present time; therefore, he has been ignoring Jackson’s hints.

Image: Shantel Jackson and Nelly

Since Jackson did not even tie the knot with her former fiancée, Floyd Mayweather, the world’s richest boxer, we can say that she does not have a husband.

Shantel Jackson children

Jackson has not got the privilege to become a mother till date despite allegedly aborting twin babies. There are no records of Jackson’s children from her previous relationship with Mayweather. Similarly, she doesn't have any kids with Nelly too.


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Shantel Jackson and Nelly's divorce

Jackson and Nelly are not married till date; that’s why we can say that no divorce is going to take place between the pair. But there is always chances of break up between them. But Jackson and Nelly’s relationship is going really well at present. They seem to be very happy with one another without any issues. That’s why there are no rumors of breakup surrounding them at present.

Video: Watch Shantel Jackson and Nelly's Snapchat compilation

What do you guys think about Shantel Jackson and Nelly's relationship? Do you think that this pair will get married soon, or will they end up breaking their engagement? Let us know in the comment box below.