Affairs between Hazal Kaya and her boyfriend Ali Atay? Romantic aspects about thier love and dating?

Updated On 17 Feb, 2016 Published On

People are so much conscious to know about what fishy is going in between Hazal Kaya together with her boyfriend. As soon as Hazal and Ali started seeing together the rumor about their togetherness has been doubted and appreciated side by side. Hazal has also mentioned to one of the source that she is extremely happy with her ongoing bounding with Ali and satisfied with their dating life. With her picture posted within the personal site of her also elaborated that the couple is totally comfortable with each other company and they will last their relationship till they get married.

Hazal has also been spotted with one of the guy last week for this she was questions and the reply was that she was just hanging around with her local friend and there is no any extra relationship circle besides her boyfriend.  Additionally last Friday as well Ali gifted Hazal a beautiful diamond ring that made her extremely happy and they promised each other that their love will be last forever and ever that will be the remarkable example for the youth in the future. Hazal is also planning something to surprise Ali very soon but what the thing is not clearly stated by her.

Hazal and Ali is very romantic couple and their fragrance of romanticism is can also be seen spread across the social sites. Hazal also claims that Ali is very romantic person individually. For the very first time when Hazal meet Ali she was confused whether she can have a great bonding with Ali or not but with his flexibility and care that was shown towards her made her to be closer with him across. Hazal and Ali are also getting a new apartment and it can be assumed that the couple are thinking further above then their dating and their fans are excited for the upgrade news.