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Adrienne Bolling Biography

Adrienne Bolling

Facts of Adrienne Bolling

Date of Birth: 1963 , June-10
Birth Nation: United States
Name Adrienne Bolling
Birth Name Adrienne J. Leventhal
Father John Leventhal
Mother Maries Leventhal
Nationality American
Birth Place/City America
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnicity Caucasian
Hair Color Blond
Face Color White
Married to Eric Bolling
Children Late Eric Chase Bolling

Quick Timeline of Adrienne Bolling

1963 Born in USA
1997 Married famous journalist Eric Bolling
2017 Son died due to drug overdose

Detail Timeline of Adrienne Bolling

June 10 , 1963

Born in USA

Adrienne J. Leventhal was born on June 10, 1963, in the USA. She changed her name to Adrienne Bolling after marriage.

October 4 , 1997

Married famous journalist Eric Bolling

Adrienne Bolling came to light when she married Fox Network's top journalist, Eric Bolling on October 4, 1997. He was suspended from the network on September 2017.


Son died due to drug overdose

A day after Eric Bolling was fired from Fox Network due to harassment allegations, Adrienne and her husband lost their only son, Eric Chase, to an accidental drug overdose.


Adrienne Bolling is a former American television anchor on Fox News. She is also the wife of multi-talented journalist Eric Bolling who was a TV anchor of Fox Channel until September 2017. She also expresses her conservative views on various political matters. 

Early Life of Adrienne Bolling 

Adrienne J. Leventhal was born on June 10, 1963, in the USA. Her father's name is John Leventhal and her mother's name is known as Maries Leventhal. She was born into a Jewish family.

Adrienne CAPTION: Adrienne Bolling SOURCE: Answersafrica

She later converted her religion to Roman Catholic.

Adrienne Bolling's Personal Life

Adrienne Bolling came to limelight when she married Fox Network's journalist Eric Bolling on October 4, 1997. They are sweethearts from their college days. She adopted her husband's surname after marriage. 

The Bollings welcomed a child after a year of their marriage. They had a son named Eric Chase Bolling

Adrienne and her husband were rumored to divorce after news about Eric Bolling harassing college students came to surface, but the couple pulled through even after Eric getting fired from Fox News.

Adrienne CAPTION: Adrienne Bolling with her husband, Eric (left) and late son, Eric Chase (right). SOURCE: Showbiz

A day after the Fox News fired Adrienne, the duo lost their only son Eric Chase to an accidental drug overdose. Eric Bolling later disclosed that his 19-year-old son had overdosed with street Xanax that was laced with Fentanyl.

Even after going through losses, Adrienne has continued to be her husband's rock.

Adrienne Bolling's Career

Adrienne Bolling was briefly associated with Fox Network during her television anchoring days.

After her son's death, Adrienne wrote many articles associating with the opioids growth crisis. She also gives speeches in CRTV's shows, alongside her husband, which concentrates on the growing opioid crisis in America.   

She also regularly urges people to be aware of the crisis through the website, www, The mother is determined to prevent another parent from losing their child to opioids overdose.

Net Worth of Adrienne Bolling

Although Adrienne Bolling worked as an anchor for a short time, her net worth mainly comes from her husband Eric Bolling.

Her husband's net worth is $25 million which he mainly acquired during his anchoring days in Fox Network. He has also invested in Nascar with the name, AMERICA BOLLING.

Adrienne CAPTION: Adrienne and husband Eric Bolling attending NASCAR race. SOURCE: Instagram

According to sources, the average Fox News anchor earns around $74,000 annually. 

Bolling's Age, Nationality, Ethnicity, and Other Facts

  • Adrienne Bolling's age is 39, as of 2019.
  • Bolling's nationality is American.
  • Adrienne is of Caucasian ethnicity.
  • Although she came from a Jewish family, she is a devoted  Roman Catholic and prays