Actress Teri Hatcher is more friends than parent with her young hot daughter

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Terry Hatcher is 50 and her daughter Emerson Rose Tenny is 17, and both of them look like friends and sisters than a mother and a daughter.

On the pictures that were taken in Studio City, Terry Hatcher and Emerson Rose Tenny were seen wearing matching dress and matching boots and matching sunglasses. They look like school friends.  Sometimes, they are seen walking together for lunch, hiking together in Los Angles, and recently they were seen together raising $10,000 for the children who want to seek higher education.

Terry Hatcher, who looks youthful, like her daughter, born on November 10, 1997, loves to act in the movies, has voiced in the animated movies like Caroline and Planes, while Emerson Rose Tenny is interested in writing poetry than in acting on movies. Terry is a highest paid actress of the television series “Desperate Housewives,” who divorced from her first husband, Marcus Leithod, on June 4, 1988 and from her second husband, Joe Tonny, on May 27, 1944, but who is really interested in helping the underprivileged children, and so is her daughter, Emerson Rose Tenny, whose poem “The Catalyst” aims to document the struggles of the underprivileged youth.

Emerson Rose Tenny is the daughter of Joe Tenny and Terry Hatcher, who got married on May 27, 1994. Terry Hatcher is a strict mother, and this we came to know when she said 'I think when you have fortune, one of the most important things to do as a parent is to not raise a brat.” Terry, who is also a former NFL cheer leader, and who has won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress in Musical and Comedy, is also a philanthropist, who has used her voice to sing a song to raise the charity. In addition, on September 13, 2009, Terry Hatcher finished Malibu Triathion in which she did a full bike course and a run course but returned to complete swimming portion as a fund raiser in 2010.