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Home Gossip Actress Sasha Alexander Married Edoardo Ponti in 2007 and Living Happily Together with her Husband

Actress Sasha Alexander Married Edoardo Ponti in 2007 and Living Happily Together with her Husband

Sandip Dangal Sun May, 2017
Actress Sasha Alexander Married Edoardo Ponti in 2007 and Living Happily Together with her Husband

Sasha Alexander is a well-known name in the entertainment world. The gorgeous Serbian-American actress gained a lot of fans through her dramatic work in the theater and films. Are you guys wondering whether the actress is married? Well, the American diva is married for a while.

Sasha lives a happy married life with her husband Edoardo Ponti and children. Edoardo is a son of well-known Italian actress Sophia Loren The 44-year-old Sasha however, might have faced several ups and downs in her relation with her husband. So, let's check out her married life and her relation with her husband and children.

Actress Sasha Alexander Married Edoardo Ponti; Know Their Relation Before and After Marriage

Well, we are very aware of the actress, Sasha's married relationship with her husband Edoardo Ponti. But many of us might be unaware of her relation with him prior her marriage. The husband-wife couple is married for about ten years, but they have been in a relation since last 13 years.

Sasha Alexander and Edoardo Ponti married

Sasha Alexander and Edoardo Ponti married

Source: P Interest

According to the source, the lovebirds met each other during 2004 for the first time and soon after they started dating each other. The couple continued dating for three long years and later decided to marry in 2007. They legally married and took a vow in front of their relatives and special guests on August 11, 2007.

The married couple spent a lot of quality times with each other. Their 13-year long relation shows their love and passion towards each other. The couple definitely might have gone through several harsh situations but they always prioritized their relation first which kept their married relation so lively for so long.

Sasha Akexander with her loving husband Eoardo Ponti

Sasha Alexander with her loving husband Edoardo Ponti


We frequently hear about the divorce and split rumor and news from the about several other celebrity couples. However, Sasha and Edoardo did never let their split rumor swirl around the web. One more thing which kept them bind in the relation is their children.

Sasha Alexander's Children with Her husband Edoardo Ponti

It's frequently said that being a parent is the best feeling we can have. Having a child also increases the deepness of a married relation. Actress Sasha and director Edoardo are not apart from the divine feeling as they also have two children together.

Actress Sasha Alexander with her son and daughter

Actress Sasha Alexander with her son Leonardo and daughter Sofia

Source: P Interest

The couple celebrated their parenthood before they tied the knot; when she gave birth to their first daughter in 2006. The previously engaged couple welcomed their first daughter Lucia Sofia on May 12, 2006. Later, the couple also had a son Leonardo Fortunato on 20th December 2010.



The parents of two children still enjoy their togetherness pretty much. The couple loves to have some free time with each other only and they often go for vacation managing their time from their work. Sasha also often posts photographs sharing her memories with her husband among her thousands of her followers on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook.