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Actress Penelope Wilton getting married for the 3rd time

Monika Tue Dec, 2015
Actress Penelope Wilton getting married for the 3rd time

Penelope Wilton is recently; probably known best for her role of Isobel Crawley in the ITV1, drama series entitled Downton Abbey. The former actress had a role in Doctor who has recently been rumored to be getting ready to marry for a third time at the age of 69.

Penelope shot her final scenes for Downtown Abbey this year on July and this Critics Circle Theatre Award winner is certainly up to something as far as the tabloids are concerned. There are sources who have confirmed that this actress is getting ready to tie the knot sometime soon. If the rumors are to be confirmed and if she really gets married, this marriage will be the third one of Penelope. She was married to actor Daniel Massey on 1975. The couple had a stillborn son born at a premature date, which she considered to be one of the saddest things in her life. They had a daughter named Alice who was born on 1977. After marital problems they got divorced on 1984. She married Sir Ian Holm after he was knighted, on 1991. The couple got divorced on 2001 and Penelope seems to be interested in tying the knot again after fourteen years.

A source, close to the actress has claimed that she is getting ready to be married again. She supposedly has a special man in her life and the idea of marrying the man has come up in her mind after shooting the final episode of Downtown Abbey. It cannot be said for sure if the rumors are actually true or not but the informant has even went on to say that the date and the venue however have not been set yet. While marriage at the age of 69 seems to be a skeptical yet an interesting idea, fans of Penelope sure hope that details about the matter will soon be clarified from the legendary actress’s mouth.