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Home Gossip Actress Kathleen Robertson married her boyfriend after long-term relationship with Chris Cowles

Actress Kathleen Robertson married her boyfriend after long-term relationship with Chris Cowles

Pratik Ghimire Thu Dec, 2016
Actress Kathleen Robertson married her boyfriend after long-term relationship with Chris Cowles

An actor and a producer by profession, Kathleen Robertson is probably soon going to be married with her boyfriend after having a long term relationship with the producer Chris Cowles. She hasn't got a divorce with Chris but the rumor of their split is taking the limelight. Kathleen and her boyfriend have been reported to be seen shopping for their pricey engagement ring at some major jewelry store according to some news websites.

Kathleen Robertson is an actor and producer by profession who has been engaged extensively in Canadian TV shows, series, and movies. She is mostly famous for her role as Clare Arnold in the hit TV series "Beverly Hills, 90210".

Kathleen Robertson in an event.

Image: Kathleen Robertson in an event.

Source: waytofamous

Kathleen is married to her husband Chris Cowles for 12 years and they even have a child together. The famous star that has also starred in the hit movie "Scary movie 2" is now dating her boyfriend and they are soon going to be married.

The hot and beautiful Canadian actress has been nominated for many awards and has won awards like Woman’s Image Network Award back in 2008 for her performance in hit series “ Tin man ”.

Soon going to be engaged

The famous Canadian actress Kathleen Robertson was spotted shopping for an expensive diamond ring along with her boyfriend at various jewelry stores in her town. There are also rumors surrounding that Kathleen is pregnant as she was reported to be spotted with a bulgy stomach during her romantic dinner. The new couple is expected to be married in the first quarter of the year 2017. There is no news about her current boyfriend, as she is extremely secret about her private life.

Chris Cowles and Kathleen Robertson.

Image: Chris Cowles and Kathleen Robertson.

Source: Zimbio

Has she ended her marriage with Chris Cowles?

Kathleen Robertson was married to the movie producer Chris Cowles back in the year 2004. Even though there are no concrete proofs supporting the fact that they have divorced, there is certainly some news and speculations out in the public that supports the fact that they are soon going to split. Kathleen is extremely private about her personal life and has not shared anything about her marriage yet. There are also tons of tweets on the internet of fans about the split-up of the couples.

Kathleen Robertson posing for a photoshoot.

Image: Kathleen Robertson posing for a photoshoot.

Source: Pinterest

Rumors of her getting retired.

There is news about the retirement of the actress surrounding on twitter and on various social sites. A source also claims that she said that it is no longer fun for her to work as an actress. Although it might be a hoax there is also a chance as she is now planning to get married. Fans and followers in twitter have already started showering in tweets thanking Kathleen for all the movies and series that she gave. “#ThankYouKathleen “was also trending on twitter. 

We wish Kathleen all the best for her future.

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