Actress Holly Sonders Beauty Natural Or An out come Plastic surgery. Also Know Her Married life

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Among the most recognized face in golf, Holly Sonders’ name that comes on top. The U.S. Open host is not just a skillful golf analyst but is also equally beautiful. Sonders’ flawless face has raised the question about her beauty. A lot of people have accused her of going under the knife. Yet, Sonders’ claims to be naturally beautiful who hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery yet. 

Sonders is happily married to her husband Erik Kuselias. Though the pair encountered some issues between them in the past, their married life is going well as of now. Let’s find out the details:

Holly Sonders married Erik Kuselias

Sonders met her husband for the first time in a Golf Channel which transformed into a love affair shortly. In 2012, the pair got engaged.

Holly Sonders with husband Erik Kuselias

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Although a lot of people were excited about the pair’s wedding, it was disliked by many as well. The sole reason behind it was Kuselias bad reputation with ladies.

But when it's love you ought to be with the one you are in love with, isn't it? Finally, the couple walked down the aisle in a secret wedding ceremony.

Holly Sonders husband Erik Kuselias accused of sexual harassment

Sonders’ husband even got suspended by ESPN because of sexually harassing a worker and cheating on his ex-wife in the past. It clearly depicts how insecure Sonders might have been regarding her husband. Sources claim that Sonders even hired a detective to keep track of her husband’s activities.

Holly Sonders with husband Erik Kuselias

Holly Sonders with husband Erik Kuselias

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Kuselias was rumored to have flirted with an ESPN co-worker. Reports revealed that such accusations invited a lot of trouble in the married life of Kuselias and his wife. Kuselias is even accused of saying ‘I would like to fuck you’ to one of the ESPN employees. How humiliating is that!

Holly Sonders and husband Erik Kuselias relationship at present

Kuselias and Sonders might have had various issues in their relationship as a husband and wife, however, they didn’t divorce. Even though they had split once in the past, things reconciled again. We must admit that the understanding level between Sonders and her husband is really high.

Watch if Holly Sonders and her husband Erik Kuselias are splitting:


We have rarely seen marriages surviving when the husband is involved in such kind of accusations. At present, there are some rumors about the pair's split but hasn't been confirmed yet.


And after an "insanely boring" past week... Somebody else is thrilled to be home too. #ek #chess #letsplay

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Thus Holly Sonders doesn’t seem to have had any plastic surgery. Her relationship with her husband is also going well. Erik Kuselias and Holly Sonders have same professional roots and they can debatably be termed as ‘first couple’ of Golf Hosting!

We hope Sonders and her husband’s marriage last forever and they don’t have to ever face situations like they did in the past.