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Home Gossip Actress Elena Satine married with Tyson Ritter in 2013. Know about her children and married life.

Actress Elena Satine married with Tyson Ritter in 2013. Know about her children and married life.

Arjun Sedai Fri Dec, 2016
Actress Elena Satine married with Tyson Ritter in 2013. Know about her children and married life.

Elena Satine, an American actress noticeable for Magic City tied the knot with All-American Rejects singer Tyson Ritter on 31 December 2013. The marriage ceremony took place at the beach site which was attended by 50 members including the couple's family and friends.

The marriage was beautifully organized with fireworks and wish lanterns which reflect the abundance of love and care for the pair's new beginning. For further details related to their married life and children stay with us.

Elena Satine and husband Tyson Ritter engagement

Elena Satine began dating Tyson in 2012. Tyson proposed her in the end of 2013 for marriage. Tyson really is a lucky guy who got such a beautiful wife Elena. Tyson revealed that he was really shaking as he proposed Elene and that she cried as she heard the proposal. He proposed while they were on the rooftop and says they were lucky no one fell off the roof. A humorous man. Who doesn't love a man with a sense of humor? Later, Elena shared the good news with a lovely photo of her engagement ring in the social media.

Caption: Elena Satine & Tyson Ritter on the above image

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Elena Satine and husband Tyson Ritter Marriage Ceremony

Many celebrities married in late 2014, among them, Elena and Tyson are one of the several couples who married on the special occasion of New Year’s Eve. They exchanged the marriage vow on the beach side with their friends and relatives including wonderful firework and lanterns all over the sky. Subsequently, after the marriage, the photos were uploaded over social media sharing their happiness with the fans across the world. Further, they also stated that it was a great time to start a new life.  

Caption: In the picture, the couple is enjoying the wedding cake. 


The year 2014, was really a rush year for the couple as they had key acting projects lined up the same year and also their honeymoon. Later, the lovebirds were reported having a wonderful holiday on the same beach where they practiced their nuptial. The holiday was specially organized to welcome their coming anniversary.

Do Elena Satine and husband Tyson Ritter have Children?

Yes, Elena and Tyson are blessed with a child. This small and happy family include three members, a newly born baby, Morrison including Elena Satine and Tyson Ritter. When they were asked about the future family extension, the couple remained silent. The career-oriented couple might not be mentally prepared for other children right now.

The meaning of married life changes when a child enters and the same goes for this couple. The child has brought new happiness to the couple. We hope they stay happy like this forever.

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