Actress Claire Forlani rumored to have dated Brad Pitt before her marriage with Dougray Scott

Actress Claire Forlani rumored to have dated Brad Pitt before her marriage with Dougray Scott

People meet, they date, some stay HEA, while some move on and find their HEA. Hollywood is the best example for this as many of the ships have broken while some have given us new relation goals. However, there is no harm in listening some spicy news, ever. Well,this time, the past goes behind really long. Almost to the time of 'Meet Joe Black'.

All of us remember this movie. Why not? Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani’s chemistry was a huge thing. But now some secrets of the past have revealed. Apparently, the chemistry that was on screen was very much present in the set itself. Yes, that’s right. Offscreen the coffee mugs were brewing with romance too.

Brad Pitt is termed the hottest guy ever and Claire Forlani gives an equal competition to him so when two very good looking people come together, it's a fantasy romance fiction. The two of them were even seen holding hands at the movie premiere, so we leave it up to you to decide what exactly was happening before Angelina Jolie and Dougray Scott came in their life as their respective spouses and have a family of their own.

But well let’s leave it in the past for now both the “just co-actors” have moved on in their life. We all know about the Brangelina, but FYI even Claire has her version of Brad Pitt hmm.

Claire Forlani married the Scottish actor Dougray Scott in 2007 after he divorced his wife Sarah Trevis. The two of them have twin sons from this marriage and recently in 2014, Clair and Dougray welcomed their baby son Milo Thomas Scott. Both of them live happily together with their children and Claire, 44, has no problem mothering her kids.

Moving on does teach you life lessons, but girls, at times you get even more perfect partners for you or well in this case- an adorable husband.