Actress Abigail Hawk's married to Bryan Spies since 2009 and have a child. See relationship

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Abigail Diana Gustafson famously known as Abigail Hawk is an American actress and director. The actress is known for her role in a TV series called Blue Bloods obviously has a lot of fans who want to know about her. But she has been very private about her personal life.

We know that Abigail married her longtime boyfriend Bryan Spies. It was rumored that the pair was having an affair a year before they finally decided to tie the knot.


Abigail Hawk is Married to Bryan Spies

The Bubble Girl actress Hawk and Bryan got engaged on March 2009 and got married a month later in April. The ceremony was held in Roswell and the reception took place in Davenport. Her hubby Spies was the former employee at Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery in New York City.

Despite her fame, I guess she didn’t want any media drawing attention at her wedding ceremony which may be the reason it was conducted very secretively.

Recently the pair attended the Spring Gala of Heart Share Human Services of New York held on September 2016 where Hawk was the guest of honor. Well, guess what? She was not alone and was accompanied by her husband. The two of them were stunning together and looking at pictures they seemed so in love. Hawk also received Linda Dano Award and Bryan was there to share that achievement of his gorgeous wife.Abigail and her husband Brian during Linda Dona Award

Abigail and her husband Brian during Linda Dona Award

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 Prior to that event Abigail and husband Bryan were also seen in a movie premier in Roxy Hotel in 2015. It looks like Bryan is a very supportive husband and Abigail is as lucky as Brian to find a man like himHawk and Bryan at movie premier

Hawk and Bryan at movie premiere

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Anyways I think the couple is really happy with their marriage and it has been 7 years now. No rumors or news has come out yet about them having any conflicts or arguments. Well, we all can only hope that their relationship will last forever.

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Do they have a child?

Like any married couple, Abigail and Bryan also have a child together. However, the details about their child have not been shared yet. There isn’t any information as to when the child was born, the name of the baby or anything else.

Hawk and Bryan have left the fans to their imagination as to how the child looks and whether it’s a boy or a girl. Are you wondering how the baby looks? Well, I think he/she is a very beautiful and cute looking child.

However keeping their baby away from the social site seems like a very good move by the two. This way they can have a quite family life and raise their child in a media-free environment.