Actor Troy Garity Living Happily With His Wife Simone Bent and Children

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In Hollywood, it is hard to keep a steady relationship for actors and actresses. We often hear news about famous celebrities splitting up and knocking court door for divorce. Well, what if we tell you, actor Troy Garity and wife Simone Bent succeeded in keeping their relation hard as a rock. They touched the hearts of millions of people with their truly inspirational love.

Troy Garity, an American film actor is the son of Jane Fonda and former California State Senator Tom Hayden. Simone Bent is also an American actress and they are happily married for ten years now.

Let's get into their beautiful marriage story and find out their amazing relation.

American Movie actor Troy Garity still happy with wife Simone Bent

Garity is the Golden Globe nominee and is the grandson of legendary actor Henry Fonda. The 44-years-old Troy's birth name is Troi O’Donovan Garity Hayden. His parents named him after a Vietnamese fighter and an Irish revolutionary. The name Garity was Hayden’s mother’s maiden name.

Troy Garity an American actor

Troy Garity an American actor

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At the age of 14, Troy Garity ran off from home to join the circus in Santa Monica in San Francisco. He soon fell in love with the circus life and even changed his name to Troy. Garity told the telegraph;

I was fascinated by the life they had. They were like gypsies, moving from town to town, but they were also dedicated performers who loved their craft more than anything else.

They didn’t make much money, but that didn’t matter.

Troy Garity is married to Simone Bent for over10 years

Troy Garity is married to wife Simone Bent for over 10 years

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Garity's parents were worried about his son at first. Later while he began performing well at the circus, Troy Garity's late father Hayden in 1998 interview with the Los Angeles Times said that;

He’s got to be his own man. I don’t want him to be a carbon copy of me.

Troy has a long list of achievements. He is the nominee of the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film for his part as Barry Winchell in the TV motion picture Soldier's Girl (2003), Where he worked with Ami Brabson's husband Andre Braugher and Lee Pace, who is believed to be gay.

He is also best referred to for his part as Isaac Rosenberg in the Barbershop movies, which features rapper Ice CubeNicki Minaj and Regina Hall.

Troy Garity with his beloved wife Simone Bent

Troy Garity with his beloved wife Simone Bent

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Troy Garity married his on-screen partner Simone Bent on August 27, 2007, at Columbia's University's St. Paul's Chapel. The handsome and charming Troy is happily linked to his wife, Simone ever since their marriage.

Here's the video of Troy Garity delivering a speech at Jane Fonda Hand And Footprint Ceremony Presented By The 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival;

Their marriage is a successful one. No records of any dispute and divorce rumors between Troy Garity and wife Simone Bent. A round of applause to this amazing couple who have stayed together cherishing the love.

Troy Garity Got His Mom’s Help to Pick Out an Engagement Ring for Simone Bent

People magazine reported that Troy's mother Fonda liked Troy's wife Simone before they got married. She even started calling Benta daughter-in-law before they got married.

Pretty amazing right? Fonda really admired Simone. Well, if the mother was already impressed then Simone Bent surely did a lot of hard work for winning Fonda's heart. She was already a part of their family from the time they were in love.

Troy Garity with his mother Jane Fonda and girlfriend Simone Bent

Troy Garity with his mother Jane Fonda and girlfriend Simone Bent

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On an interesting note, Fonda even picked the engagement ring for Simone Bent for their wedding. The couple got engaged in 2006 and a year later got married on August 27, 2007.

Troy Garity's mother Jane Fonda picked an engagement ring for her son's wife Simone Bent

Troy Garity's mother Jane Fonda picked an engagement ring for her son's wife Simone Bent

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The interracial couple is strongly tied with each just like milk and coffee, so far they look inseparable. Surely, celebrities struggle to manage their love life against their hectic Hollywood life. But hats off to Troy Garity and wife Simone Bent, who are still in love and are happy like the newly married couple.

Troy Garity and Simone Bent married for ten years?

Troy Garity and wife Simone Bent married for ten years

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Troy and Simone are often found hanging out in the public. So far they show no signs of extra-marital affairs or controversy between them. The couple is fond of pet animals and they have 2 pet dogs and 3 pet cats at their home.

We wish them all the luck strong married life and prosperous future together.