Actor Oliver Jackson Cohen and girlfriend Jessica De Gouw, dating since 2013

Updated On 20 Feb, 2016 Published On

What type of serious relationship is this? Definitely not a marriage type! Is Oliver Jackson Cohen, who is 29 now is too early for marriage, or his girlfriend Jessica De Gouw, who is 27 is in a hurry, or are both of them interested to ring their wedding bells very soon? Whatever their feelings are, Oliver, who has played the role of a journalist in the Dracula series, and Jessica De Gouw, who has co-starred him as a hot actress are not going to be stopped by anything.  Since the acting in these TV series, they are seen together and have started an affair, which did not have any serious characteristics at the beginning, but now they are serious with each other along with the flow of time that has taken their unserious relationship to the second anniversary, and that makes them have their own special future plan, that is, to be one, which looks like a natural flow of river to all of us, including their friends. What kind of oneness may be the question whose answer people want to know from the source? Well, this kind of oneness has a characteristic more than an intimate relationship has, and it has brought them so close that the people of the Dracula set had never thought in their life that these two actors, who were acting together with them, would be one very soon that these two actors, who had also started their affair casually in front of them, would one day take their affair seriously to the next new and high level as they watch it.

Those, who wonder and want to know in depth what kind of seriousness is in the relationship between Oliver and Jessica, and how their relationship has transformed into such seriousness, can guess that these two people are willing to get engaged very soon from both their hearts, but people who want to know more in a hurry will be wrong if they guess that they are getting married soon after their engagement with each other? Those, who are in a hurry, also need to have patience that these two actors still have a time to take their relationship to the next highest serious level. Right now, both are in the process of announcing their engagement’s date. But one thing is sure; they are doing their engagement in 2016, either in the first half of the year or the second half of the year.